Has anyone seen the meteor shower since launch?

on my private xbox server we have not seen the meteor shower since launch but have found a few on the ground.

anyone else having this problem?

I’ve mostly heard the meteors falling. But last night I saw them actually fall. They’re big, bright, and can be seen from far away. If you have a base near where they fall, it will be more common to see this.

This one is from the day after launch.

This was on PC though, obviously.

before the launch I could see them from the mitra oasis
now we are east of new asagarth and never see them
they should be visible from there since I can see the sandstorms from there

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Saw one just this morning. You won’t see any if you are in the south.

but I have seen it in the desert from the oasis with the mitra trainer

before launch that is

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