Has Character Transfer been fixed yet

With the new update coming im sure the new stuff will kill a bunch of mods and servers will have to wipe to make up for it. I want to tranfer my charater out before that happens. Have you guys finall fixed the issues we have been having ??

I need a guarantee that I can do it

in other woprds. let fix the screw ups before we do a new update that has the same broken things in it


This is what im talking about. NOBODY from Funcom can bother to give me answers. we have to rely on each other to come up with answers and most of those answers are guesses…

You don’t want an answer, you want a very specific answer which is why you don’t get any :rofl:

Let me make it easy for you, prepare for a fresh start if you are playing on a private server. The majority of the private servers have the transfers disabled in any case.

If you are playing on an official, you are safe. No wipes needed.

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