Has testlive fixed the arrow in hand bug

that comes from being hit while shooting or drawing a bow? =o

I believe it has. Haven’t extensively tested it myself just yet but when I have used a bow and gotten hit, it didn’t stick like it does on the normal build.

It has.

Testlive uses new animations for the bow, which fixed this issue.

I use the bow almost exclusively, although a bit less in this new combat system.

I have not encountered the bow in hand issue in the new combat testlive build.
I hope this answers your question.

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By Ymirs hairy ■■■, finally!

So an arrow in hand wasn’t better than two in a bush?

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I am not so certain that it has. I played several hours yesterday attempting to use a bow quite a lot and I believe that I had the arrow in hand after getting smacked just as I was about to fire in melee range. I say that I cannot be certain because I’ve become so used to it that I just write it off. Now that I’ve read that it is supposed to be fixed, I’ll test further.