Have Converted thralls keep their orginal clothes\gear after converting

Can we have thralls keep their orginal clothing after being converted on the wheel of pain.
I mean… they do keep their out fits if you place them on a station. But if you are placing them for guard duty, they just wear rags and the weapons and items they had when you capture them is sometimes defaulted to stone weapons, and ancient bows mainly, i seen a few rare exceptions such as a starmetal great sword in their inventory, but this leads to soo much disappointment with army creating.

As much as it would make sense, this would make getting good armor too easy for players and reduce the importance of crafting. Don’t forget that whatever the thralls wear, we can take away from them and use ourselves.

The end game is dependent on crafting.
There are two types of thralls, the ones that free stand and can be robbed for their stuff.
and crafting thralls. Which some wear rags. We fixed that by only using nude or topless crafting thralls. That way you dont notice the rags they wear.

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