Have crafting stations share inventory within a certain range

I know there is a chance it would be a nightmare to program, but it would be great if the crafting stations all shared their inventory with each other and the player if they are within a set distance, it would save some boring busy work if i could just leave the metals in the smelter and go que up my fittings at the smithy then go straight to the carpenter’s bench to make some stuff from there,

Maybe tie it to thralls or something, and have it so the que max number only draws from the actual inventory of the thing crafting, it’s just a bit of tedium i feel could be cleaned up with minimal real harm to any gameplay,


This is a terrible idea, this would allow management of locked undermesh bases

By locked i mean bases that still persist undermesh even after access to it is cut after fix update

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The quality of the games content should not be hindered by fears of accommodating cheaters, it could easily be a option that can be disabled or even only allowed with permissions, but continuing to have this insane level of tedium because some people’s sadism demands PVP is ridiculous,


I actually really dig this idea, but I would need it to be dependant on the thralls. So ideally id want the thralls to leave their crafting station and go acquire the materials then return to their station. That way they cant get to things in cheaty pants locations and it livens up your base! And those thralls will need moar beards.

I like the idea of keeping the inventory separated. I wouldn’t like it if I told my carpenter to cut all the wood placed in his station only to discover my cauldron and furnace have no fuel left. I give each workstation an allotment of raw materials, sharing is not permitted by me.

Would having a toggle for station inventory make that better for you?

I think it’s a totaly valid caveat you have, but I dont see while were brainstorming here we cant make fuel items off limits to the “craft all” option just as a default. That seems real smart!

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Options are always good. If I can toggle it off then it is the same as not having it.

I addressed this in the second paragraph by saying that it could be made so that craft all only uses the resources in the inventory of thing crafting, I.E. if you hit craft all on iron reinforcements at a smithy only that smithy’s iron will be used, the iron in everything else will be exempted,

I see your meaning now. It sounded differently when I read it first.

easier to just do the thrall pot Loop array to all crafting station that uses this Material depot chest … would be a good alternative way to do it


A thrall pot/feed box type system for workstations would be cool but it would be real low on my wish list. I’d love it for repairing the gear I carry or craft by hand but not sure about for workstations.

I think the improved workstations have added slots but I do think there could be a feat that teaches ‘tinkering’ that allows adding more storage to workstations. I’ve always thought that adding a worker thrall to a station should increase the inventory. Also, the max stacks should be larger in workstations and boxes than what we can carry on our person.

I’d really like a recipe list so I don’t have to lookup how to make Hardened Steel all the time :wink: .

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there is actually if your on PC there a mod called TW dungeon mod we have a item lookup complete with recipes info.

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I would say instead of that, you can elect a runner thrall as one of your active thralls whose sole job is to run materials between crafting stations in a single room to make totals you designate and deposit it in a storage location. It should cost you something to have things automated and I think one of your 5 thralls once the limits enact would suffice in this sacrifice…do you get an entertainer or get a runner? I got the concept from Demming MFG water spider.

This… surprisingly sounds good to me. But if it was implemented I think it should come with better inventory viewing filters and sorting. Or it could be something similar to what they do in Space Engineers, where you can switch between linked containers from any container within the base, but not necessarily merge their contents.

Reading through the ideas here and there are some good ones that I’d like to sorta mush together. What if they added a Thrall spot to the storage chests, that would accept a bearer Thrall. Once a bearer was linked to the chest it would allow anything in the chest to be accessed in nearby crafting stations within a certain spherical range. The range would increase with higher tier bearers. While the mats would remain in the chest the chest would act as an extension of the linked crafting table inventories. So if you have everything needed to craft something in the crafting table or linked chest it will work expending the materials first from the tables inventory and then from the linked chest or chests. This would greatly increase time efficiency and would make bearers so much more valuable as right now their value is limited.

Regarding the point made about undermeshing, this is a valid concern. Ideally the spherical range allowed by the bearers in the chest should terminate along map boundaries, nullifying any exploitation. If this is not possible/ too time consuming to program, perhaps as previously suggested this could be a toggled feature. I for one would love not wasting twenty minutes collecting all the various ingredients I need to craft a bunch of decorative palceables from my meticulously organized multi level storage room.

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