Have Knowledge Points been Adjusted for Feats?

[edit] OK, This may have been a bug. I reset again, twice actually and I can spend my points normally. [/edit]

Made it to level 60. Have reset points twice now. I have run out: spent 496 of 497. So knowledge points are same as original. However, I can’t afford to learn level 60 weapons and armors, e.g. I can learn Hiltmaker if I reset and choose no weapons. Then I won’t have enough for any weapon. I can’t even afford the Vault feat for the crates.

I haven’t unlocked any of the Tinker feats or epic armors. I haven’t unlocked any religious upgrades. I did unlock most Journeyman and Master Builder feats. In the original game I unlocked Hiltmaker, Shield Framer, Ropemaker and Shaftmaker and more (including Master Tinker).

For now the only thing I can think of doing is not unlocking Journeyman and Master Mason. I can save 34 points there. I could also skip Master Tanner and maybe Master Carpenter for 12 each. But I had all of these and more in the original game. So I’m confused, I can’t determine where the missing (?) knowledge points went.

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In the unnamed city you can find fragments of power in small chest and on bosses that will give you more fear points and there is no limit to how many feat points you can obtain thus unlocking everything

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How do I get there from Siptah? :wink:

They should drop to there to I just don’t know where and I don’t believe they would cut them out so my best guess is going to
Be near that tower
In the middle but I do not know who or what drops them on top of that I’m on
Xbox so I have to wait Yeah me but try there

Ps I don’t know what the drop rates are or if they
Change them so good luck :four_leaf_clover::+1:

I think I have 6 fragments now. Bosses drop them and occasionally legendary kits. The problem is I only have 15 star metal bars and there have been no meteor drops (solo/SP). The Star metal bars were similarly found in loot chests.

Regardless, getting more feat points was not the problem. I was coming up short, e.g. Given 100 points, spending them all on the same feats in CE original but having fewer feats unlocked than in CE original. Hope that makes sense.

The problem/glitch/bug did fix itself after resetting my attributes and feats at a later time. So this is a some kind of game glitch similar to the “Can’t Sprint” glitch, which I have also had happen.

Oh I see I remember this one it would bug out however log out and back in on solo would fix it. Now on online server you would have to wait for server restart but this bug as far as I know has been around for as long as I can remember so that’s a easy fix

Now on star metal the star metal would only fall if you are in the area that trigger it and you would have to wait a bit now back on exiles map you could break down legendary items dropped from world bosses and get star metal from them so give those a try and let us know if that helps

Sorry edit from world bosses chest that took skeleton keys

Star Metal drops at the center of the map at the tower around the undead.


How do you reset your Feat points in Isle of Siptah?

The Yellow Lotus potion resets both attributes and feats. You just need to unlock the Cauldron.

Wow, really?

Hm. Guess that’s a good reason to use a Potion of Bestial Memory over a Yellow Lotus Potion.

Hmmm I cannot tell if your being sarcastic

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