Have suggested this before, we should repurpose the "kick" action

the more I play the game the more i realize certain aspects are not used in either PVP or PVE. the kick.

But i also wonder how many people actually use it.
With 0 being almost never and 5 being all the time, how often do you even use the kick in fighting?

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The reason i think this is important to know, as a game designer if a feature is not being used at all, then there are maybe things that can replace it to better the game. For me, the kick (L2 on PS4) is rarely used.
I think it should be repurposed for something like the 2H special or Dagger Back flip, but each weapon has it s own. the one i think that could be a nice one is to add a spear attack that helps against horses somehow.


Majority of the time I have used the kick has been accidentally. It’s not used intentionally in my case to have it taking up the shoulder button.

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Either I misunderstood what you’re saying, or it’s different on PS4. On PC, it’s all the same action, that has different results depending on what you’re wielding:

  • daggers: back flip
  • two-handed sword: overhead slash
  • shield: block
  • torch: torch wave

Is it a separate action/binding on PS4? Or are you saying that you would like kick replaced with a special move for those weapons that don’t already have it?


No you are correct, but for all the other weapons, it is just a kick. and not a kick that can send a NPC off a kick.

Just one of those things that came up in our clan chat, and we realized we use the kick to “play” around with each other more than we use it in combat lol.


Okay, now I understand. Yeah, I only use kick “for teh lulz”, e.g. when I’m in my full combat spec and gear and I decide to kick an imp to death :smiley:

It would be nice to have some special moves for all weapons.


To remove rollbug and annoying people. I really dont see why they should focus on the kick animation when it’s so much other stuff to focus on.

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But that would take rewriting other mechanics. All I am saying is that in development, a feature is added because of what they envision. But based on my over 2 years of experience on game the kick is just an extra button that is rarely, if ever, used. the idea was obviously for it to be used more with shields, but against good fighters, the shield is a death sentenence. And on PVE, it is cheesed because it makes a player almost undamageable and NPC’s don’t counter it unless RNG kicks in for them to kick.
now if the Special was a way for any weapon to defend against a horse if well timed, then that would be a great way to make it useful as well.

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It really isn’t too much of a focus. There are more than likely animations already at a beta state that never made it into game, or ones that may have been removed (can’t remember that far back). We tolling those is a possibility. Also, no one is saying to focus only on the kick, but starting a conversation is never a bad idea. Creative minds work by having a secondary thought process going. Usually even more so when uber focused on major issues, as it allows the mind to not be over whelmed with negative if the issue is proving to be extremely complicated with many failures in trying to fix it.

I appreciate your opinion, but since you posted on a thread wanting to know a specific experience, I do not see your input on that. It is a really simple question ,yet you want to immediately turn this into a Karen thread. Sometimes suggestions are just that. A suggestion. How hard is it for someone to not go negative and just join in the conversation without redirecting to their narrative?


Thanks for the idea. Gonna try that soon.


I am glad that you raised this issue WhatMightHaveBeen. I voted a 3 because I still use it fairly regularly, but probably in the way many are thinking, and I shall explain this. I generally only use it as a means of antagonising weaker enemies for laughs, such as Imps, and Dafari and Exiles who are still seated. Because Im kind of a jerk and like to scoff at their misfortunes. :smiling_imp: :metal: So in this context I find it fun. However I wouldnt dare to use it against upper level opponents! And the point I make is this. Sadly for myself at least the Kick has 0 (zero) practical applications in real and in challenging combat scenarios. I am not trying to troll, and Im sorry to sound harsh or overly critical here. But it is just unrealised potential at this point.

I have always maintained that the Kick should be given improved knockback, and it should provide us with a means to kick NPCs over the side of cliffs, thus improving challenge and creating a greater need for environmental awareness. Although I also wouldnt object if it was transformed into a power or evasion attack unique to each weapon, like we currently have with the Daggers and Greatsword.

The bottom line for me is; I am open to the idea of giving the Kick an overhaul.


Do you have any idea what you did? You gave us all an excuse to start slinging puns. Crom have mercy on your sole!


The main reason I’d like to see the Kick reevaluated is so that our thralls would quit performing useless kicks when given 2-handed weapons. :unamused:


Wow, never even thought about that. I do love [sic] it when fighting a boss my thrall decides a kick is sufficient.


I fight/RP most with shield Shield/Daggers/Bow.
The “control” attack of these weapons has sense, at least to a player.

Point of annoyance is thralls breaking their own combos by senseless use of “control” attacks.

I use the actual “kick” once for each character, at level 1 for the journeystep.
Because enemies are so incredibly fast the actual “kick” move is worse than worthless.


Ok but kicking is an real action, this game comes very close to real things,

you just argued with low use of kicking,

give us more reasons to remove it,

for now, i disagree, i almost dont use it,

BUT… if i wanna kick the shield down from some NPC, or Player,
or push someone alway, there it is…

so i dont see the reason to remove it, if you dont want to use you can remove his hotkey and use another one ofc…


with this i agree, BUT… staff could only remove it from slaves then…

This isn’t about removing it. It is about seeing how many people actually use it and how often.

Yes, it does have its use against shields. But

  1. NPC’s rng their shield use. Simply moving to one side of them counters that.
  2. Players that do turtle up can easily be flanked as well.

But again, i want to know how many actually use it as a tactic in fighting. Never hurt to see the numbers just for reference on maybe i am missing something more useful with the kick.

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It’s extremely rare for me, and when I do it’s almost exclusively similar to what @Shadoza described. When an NPC with a spear is p**sing me off, I’ll kick to create distance. Like I said, it’s rare, because that’s an afterthought after other things have failed. Chances are high that I have a 2H weapon equipped for equal reach or that I have a 1H weapon with hyperarmor and can tell the spear guy to eff off without needing to kick. That’s in PvE. No idea what additional scenarios you guys in PvP encounter.

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Just the occasional Shield turtle. But a nice shield smash always clears that up.

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Just had flashbacks to fighting at the obsidian forge. Full tank combat build, and those [explicative] 4 fighters all with 2H sword spamming their shield smash attack and I was still running around in circles trying to avoid death popping aloe soup like a child eating his favorite candy.