Have they added a way to create a water feature yet?

EDIT: I tried to post a picture of the temple so it would give you a better idea but I guess I’m too new.
mana.fandom dot com and water palace should show you the Temple I’m thinking about.

has the pics I wanted to share

If anyone has grown up in the age of SNES Secret of Mana, the water temple of Undine was so cool looking. It had some masonry, colored torches and waterfalls that were manmade. I may be missing something but have they figured out a way to let something be a water source to an extent for cosmetic purposes? I really like the way the building looks and works in Conan Exiles and esp with all the cosmetic DLC’s. Thats my only request is to make a way to have flowing cosmetic water features and not just a stand alone fountain.

You can build over water, and then make a pool. Also some of the DLCs have fountains.