Have to admit the Jeb dungeon not rocking my socks

My opinion: Its pretty boring aside from the god animation at the end.

Nothing to do in it really and its done in 10 minutes at most like minute rice.

The game is mediocre at best man. We all know this. But kill some time, play with friends, blow something up. Obviously there is something about it you like or you wouldn’t still be playing.
Honestly though I agree was not the greatest.

I was able to run the dungeon for the first time level 60 pvp spec naked with a hardened steel two handed sword and 35 cooked haunch. It was fun…quick and easy, but fun.

Well, you’re not wrong

I mean you have every right to feel it’s not doing it for you. Personally I think it’s great, it’s very characterful and beautiful and a welcome break from the normal decor elsewhere.

But obviously if you expect a “real dungeon” a’la games that focus on that, it does fall somewhat short.

There’s players who have literally been complaining for nearly 15 years in WoW like that. And for nearly 20 years with EQ.

They’re not happy unless they have something to complain about.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was actually made to target these players. And it was a hit because of it.

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After reviewing the topic and the numerous flags, I have opted to close this topic. The feedback for both sides of the argument are valid, but the amount of flags in a small time space leaves me to err with caution.

Thank you all for the great feedback both negative and positive.

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