Have trouble logging on

It started about 24 hours ago, maybe a bit less. When I try to log onto one of my AO accounts and click the “Login” button in the login screen, I get this “Please wait” window with the progress bar moving very slowly, much slower than normal, and when in a couple mins or so it finally gets to the end, I am thrown back to the log in screen, i.e. the one where you select the account and enter your password. It happened before, too, but only veryy rarely and usually I only had to retry once or twice. Today, I more often fail to log on than can log on successfully. On any of my accounts. Please do something about it.

It happens…

I simply click Cancel then re-enter logon information.

Works for me 100%, since 19xx,

Do you really think I haven’t tried that? Many, many times. It just didn’t work. Fortunately, the “bad” period that lasted for several hours seem to be over.