Have you change something in WB loot's attribution?


with a 51 lvl toon, I’m trying to be in the aggro list.
but if I die during the fight (kind of everytime), coming back to a dead boss, no loot box.
It’s the first time I’m seeing this.


If you are to far away when the boss dies you wont get a loot box. So if you die when the boss is at low % dont worry about running back. Just stay and wait for it to die and get a box.


thank you for answering.
is this something documented or test and learn by the players ?
all I have read about the WB is “you need to be in the aggro list more than one minute and in the same instance when boss dies to get a loot”


Nothing unique, it’s been the same way for all the WB’s. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve fought it, if you die and go to the rez pad or maybe just get tired and leave … if you’re not there when it dies you won’t get anything. It’s been posted before officially that you have to be within X distance of the boss when it dies.

Keep an eye on the health level of the WB, if it’s close and you die, just lay there and watch until it’s died and you get the loot, then punch out. If there’s enough time to go to the rez pad and get back to the fight do it, DON’T be a no-load and just lay there after dying when the boss still has 99% of it’s health left.


On the 25th June 2014 (patch note 4.2.1) Funcom did change the requirements for being eligible to get a loot box.
Now you need to be on the bosses aggro table, dying does not remove you from this list but resurrecting does (whether you take a conqueror in combat res or go to a res pad.)
They also added a “be within 75m distance of world boss when it dies whilst on it’s threat list” requirement.
(Previous to that if you were dead when it died you got no loot box. But if my memory serves me right…if you ran away from the world boss (eg to res pad) you still got a box…so it punished those who stayed to the end but died in last few % with insufficient time to run back and rewarded those who didn’t stay to help kill it but instead ran to res pad to change instances as soon as it died)


Thank you all for the answers.