Have you thought about finishing the story for the game? And working on the single player campaign aspect of things?

Hey there. The latest updates have been pretty great, I love the new animations added! But I’m gonna get real honest here…

Making survival and crafting this rediculous grind makes coming back to the game pretty hard to do. I talked all of my pc friends into buying it when it was on sale recently on steam, and we put about a day into playing before everyone went back to Valheim. Mostly because of the ludicrous grind to build most things, but partly because of the lighting issues in the game (that I hope you patched).

Secondly, coming back after months of hiatus to the game to find that the story is still unfinished is a bummer. Its been out for years now and I still can’t actually beat the game. I dump more time into Skyrim and the Witcher because of the amazing stories and created worlds than I care to admit and guess what, so does everyone else.

I love the new animations, the combat fixes, sprint attacks, etc. But how about you quit focusing on making pvp even and fair because spoiler alert, it wont be “fair” as long as someone is winning and someone is losing, and focus on fleshing out the npc interactions and finishing the story? Hell, Sea of Thieves figured that out recently and it’s almost entirely a PvP game! You can’t even turn PvP off!

My parting advice to you, make PvP it’s own thing. Fast paced, exciting, At least let sledgehammers damage buildings, make it more battle royal, and more people will have fun. Then focus on finishing the dang game and you might make more than $10 a pop on some weekend sale, you might actually get people to stick around and buy all of your dlc.

The competition is fierce out there and I love this game, but it’s hard to stick up for it whenever Valheim is more fleshed out and funner to play that a game thats been out for 3 years.


I’m not disagreeing that there’s lots of things than need done still on the story standpoint, like getting NPCs that don’t have voice lines

But just so you know from what I understand you can actually beat the game. You can only get 6 of the items as the Mummy of the Ring doesn’t spawn. But if you take the six items you can craft the keystone


Absolutely true - but the lack of the Mummy does mean the full ‘Journey’ cannot be completed. I may not agree with the OP’s assessment of which games are more fun (individual taste IMO), but I must admit it would be great to have that final stage available.

As an example of something I think would be really cool might be an approach similar to that taken with AoC mod - there gathering the six relics (AoC specific as opposed to the keystone) allows entry to a final endgame dungeon, which culminates in one last ultimate boss fight. Something along those lines, where you have to fight your way out of the exiled lands, might provide a good way to integrate the Mummy and might provide a greater feeling of satisfaction for players that wish to ‘beat’ the game. (And finally get rid of that disappointing final cutscene lol)


Yep I know, I’ve done it and thought that it was the intended ending only to find that it is a stand in until the game is finished.

I’m not trying to bash on the game. I guess I should clarify, this is my favorite game of all time. Its awesome, the source material is some of my favorite literature, they stick to the source material in a fantastic way, the graphics and gameplay are amazing, its great!

But three years later and switching from ps4 to a super powerful custom built pc open this game up to some fierce competition where most of the games are better for simply having more story. Valheim is a bit of an exception, but they capitalize on the adventure and exploration aspect of a survival game and the story is still pretty dang fleshed out.

When I put the most time into Conan it felt more like a chore, being on an official pvp server constantly logging in to see if you got crushed or not. The long haul PvP stuff doesn’t seem to stick with most people I know for that reason.

Also, I’m not griping about my time spent on this game. It was fun! But I’ll never come back, and my friends dont even care to try it for more than a few hours because there are funner pvp games out there and games with more compelling and complete stories. Id love to see an update one day that reads “Conan Single/Coop Story Campaign Finished!”. Then I’d probably dump more time into the game, and so would all those other people.

And if the purges where more than a handful of goobers roaming around your base, that would be cool to lol.


I definitely don’t disagree with you, I just though maybe you didn’t know about it.

I love the game too, but there are more than a fair share of issues so I’d never begrudge anyone from being frustrated at times, especially when something you’ve wanted done for a long time never seems to get any attention


For sure man, and thanks for the heads up on the what I guess we’d call it an “alternate ending” lol. I’m kinda hoping they just make a sequel that’s complete from day 1. Right now I’m knee deep in Shadows of War, I’d never played it before and it’s pretty sick. I’ll keep watching the Forums here though, waiting for a complete game lol…


I know this won’t add anything substantial to this thread, but I just wanted to say how nice it is to see a post that criticizes the game in a polite, articulate, and even positive way! I disagree with some of the things you said, but damn, that’s a really nice post and I wish more people formulated their criticisms like that. :+1:

Did you play Shadow of Mordor, too? I liked the gameplay better in Shadow of War, but I really hated what they did with the story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :slight_smile:


I love the new animations, the combat fixes, sprint attacks, etc. But how about you quit focusing on making pvp even and fair because spoiler alert, it wont be “fair” as long as someone is winning and someone is losing, and focus on fleshing out the npc interactions and finishing the story? Hell, Sea of Thieves figured that out recently and it’s almost entirely a PvP game! You can’t even turn PvP off!

Can’t agree with You as this was mainly advertised as pvp game but let’s not do PvE vs PvP war again, same way I can say just stop polishing PvE aspect and take care of PvP but i won’t. Both sides need a lot of tweaks as it’s in bad state right now.

One of two things needs to happen.

  1. The game needs to be continuously worked on and added to much like a real live service game. Questing, world bosses and annual events would all make great additions to the game.

  2. A wipe system needs to be introduced in order to keep players coming back. Sorry. It’s true. Allowing players to keep their bases indefinitely, while a dream for the players, kills servers.

Otherwise the game suffers from players burning out and servers becoming ghost towns.

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Hey thanks! I don’t want to bash the devs, they made a great game! It would be cool to see some long awaited changes, or even some great stuff from newer games make it into Conan but considering how much they put into the game both as updates to keep up with the times and as requests from the community it’s a bit of a greedy request to want more for free lol.

I beat Mordor like 8 years ago or something and started playing it again on the PC a few days ago. Man it looks good!

Lol but I’ve been itching to play shadow of war and started playing that instead. The story is a little different for sure, harder to follow for some reason. They almost ask you to just forget shadow of Mordor and go with the flow lol. It’s definitely fun though!

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I think you’re on to something for sure. I feel like PvP gets static fast. The crowds I run in seem to gravitate through quick PvP matches, faster pace, no grinding, etc. Even when we played recently they preferred either a complete private server with no pvp at all, or a super high multiplier server where you could get up to 60, have a base, and start smashing all within a few hours.

It feels like the game jumbles a long rewarding rpg experience in with basebuilding PvP and it doesn’t jive. I don’t really know where the middle ground is though lol. It’s almost as if the game needs to wholely dedicated game modes, one PvP with randomly generated maps and that you bring your character into and a separate solo/co-op mode that follows the story and dedicated map.

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Ah yes, I feel as if I may have been misunderstood. I love the PvP aspect of the game. It’s why I logged over 1000 hours into the game lol. And I like the improvements made to the game to make it better, like potion drinking animations. Thats sick! But feel like a lot of time spent “balancing” the PvP aspect is mostly, well…, waisted. People are going to find ways to manipulate the game and weapons to be metagamers no matter how well you balance speers and greatsword damage, or bombs vs. oil and fore orbs. Or pickaxes on houses (thats an oldie lol).

More animations and better combat is great, but making it so the crummy fish dont produce oil anymore to balance out the game better hurt a bit lol. That added hours of grind in that just felt tedious, and all new exploits to learn in the PvP realm. I slogged through that for about 1 hour and went on to other games.

It hurt quite a lot in the beginning, because people who used to spam 50+ fish traps moved on to spamming 50+ fish traps plus 50+ compost heaps.

Fortunately, they made T3 alchemists have the bark+ichor=oil recipe and I think now most people moved away from fish trap spam.


They used to have servers that had scheduled wipes and ended up shutting them down for lack of interest. So I think forcing that on the entire official server population would probably nearly completely kill the official servers, which I don’t anticipate is the solution FC wants

As a person who enjoys starting over I can appreciate the concept, but this games history indicates that the community overall is not in favor of losing their multi year long play throughs

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Maybe. I think the wipes just need to be long enough.

When I started playing Rust, I thought the same thing. Oh god my base is gone every month, how awful. I felt like I would never have time to appreciate my base or really use it.

But after 3000 hours of Rust, I can safely say that no game holds my interest for the ENTIRE month. Not even Rust, not even with my most glorious set up RP bases. Come the first Thursday of every month, i’m always ready.

I can understand though. I really felt strongly about the whole issue when I was a baby in Rust.

In the end, it’s just hard seeing such a fun and awesome game not get the attention it deserves. It’s so hard to watch a server die.

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And now that you’re a baby in Conan Exiles, you have equally strong feelings about it :wink:

Seriously, you’ve already proposed wipes in your other thread, and the way you argued about it made it clear that you haven’t played the game long enough to understand what exactly people stand to lose. Either that, or you play it very superficially and just don’t care about how anyone plays it.


I feel like wipes wouldn’t be bad at all if you had 1 character that you could transfer from server to server, of course with nothing but his/her equipped armor and gear.

I think it would be funner for everyone if you played through the game on some story mode in the same vein as PvE, either online or single/coop, and then unlocked PvP at level 60. I mean how many times do you see it spoken in any given thread “you don’t really start playing until level 60”. It would put everyone on an even playing field in the PvP realm rather than having to start a new character, try to level as fast as possible, and not get wiped in the process.

Yes. Several times. Server 1823 is my most recent example of that. And I had some really nice stuff there.

I mean, I get it. Some people care less for stuff – especially virtual stuff – than others. It’s not an alien concept to me. But I’m not one of those people. I sunk my free time into that stuff, time that I could’ve used on something else, and that’s why I value it.

You are somewhat mistaken. I have plenty of experience with letting everything go, and I have no experience with wipes. The reason I prefer official servers even today is that there are no wipes. The reason I choose to play PVE-C and PVE is that I won’t get wiped by another players.

I already explained, on that other thread where Direshadow is pushing for wipes, what the problem with wipes is. In detail. With concrete examples.

But since I get a lot of flak for walls of text, here’s the TL;DR:

Yeah, I gave up everything I had on several servers, but that was my choice. And if I wanted to try a server with wipes, that should also be my choice.


Time to jump in here. . . lol.
I believe there were two wipes in early access and one when the game went live.
I lived thru all three.
The very first one was to clear all of the trash builds all over every server, before decay was implemented and I was all for it.
The second was a little weird, as Funcom actually ASKED people to vote on each server (Genre?) if they wanted a wipe. I remember this as my “WTF Funcom” days, since I had been away from the game for awhile doing RL stuff, and when I got back, I was standing naked by a rock. ( yes, we kept our avatars and levels but lost everything else ) Still, I did not mind that much.
The last was of course, go live, and I felt that this was fair, since it gave new players the chance to be on par with everyone from EA.
All of these wipes served a purpose and were for a specific reason.

I cannot agree with server wipes “just because” or “it will revive the game”, without some sort of proof.
(Please do not try to compare Rust to CE ). They initially had servers that wiped every month? but stopped due to lack of interest IE; They were dead.
Maybe they should revive the monthly wipe servers, and you all that are advocating wipes can test them out and let the rest of us know how fun they are.

My apologies for getting off-topic. As to the end game thing, I have never bothered to try completing the game, and collecting all of the items needed.
Once I heard that the end game was just a “delete and start over” I lost all interest.


Maybe we just like different things Jess. I for one put Valheim away after the second boss. The boss battles are great, but everything is copy and pasted with new materials that deal slightly higher damage. I’ve never bothered to “finish” CE, which you can certainly do on the Exiled Lands map, but I also suspect I have more hours in this game than every other game in my Steam list combined.