Haven't played in 1,5 years, has PvE content improved?


I played the game 1,5 years ago while it was still in early access, and I am looking to play a game with some friends for some fun PvE content - has this improved a lot since last year? Or is the game still based around PvP content? :slight_smile:

Most PvE content is still centered around building and exploring. There are some world bosses which can be “raided” and a few dungeons exist, but there’s still little in the way of story or “campaign”. Since it’s at its core still a sandbox game, that’s fine - finding your own fun is what it’s all about.

Sorcery is supposedly coming sometime, and pets are in TestLive (mounts are still a no-go). As far as city life and settlements, the only thing we have is NPC purges that will occasionally attack you, but because someone thought it was a great idea to have this happen while you’re offline, you’d better play A LOT if you want a chance of experiencing it. Otherwise you’ll just log on to random holes in your base. Which leads me to…

Thralls are still kinda broken, particularly in whether they will defend you or your base. Sometimes yes, other times not. If you’re online and intentionally take a hit in front of them, there’s a higher chance they’ll activate. Supposedly the AI will be looked at eventually, but I wouldn’t expect to see anything concrete for a few months at best.


Feels like there isn’t much to explore these days - it’s all farming and building, which I don’t mind.

There are definitely still a lot of bugs and it sucks, but the worst part still seems to be the servers. You can go with Public servers of which they tend to be feast or famine - totally empty, or very full, and often with big egos who just crush newbies (or wait until you get medium level to crush you and try to force you off the server). Or you can go with private servers which are super hard to find players for.


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PVE consists of wacking resource nodes with a tool for resources. Some resource nods can move around (bosses and animals) but they can be clicked down the same.

That’s PVE, that’s all it ever will be.

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I wonder if it’s insecurity that leads to someone feeling the need to denigrate others’ preferred playstyle. Then again when a subset of players continually feel the need to pound their chests and proclaim themselves “alphas” (of a video game, no less), and generally create environments to toxic no-one wants to play with them, well… 'nuff said, really.


The Purge is a welcome edition for PvE. Needs some tweaks and improvements, which are coming down the pipeline now (test live)and in the future.

Pets are also being added on the next major update (on test live now), so that will help give you something to do in PvE. Other then that, if you are on PC I highly encourage you to take a look at the mod workshop, lots and lots of goodies in there to improve the PvE experience

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Well as opposed to 1½ year ago, where you left the game, I’d say Black Keep dungeon, the Northern area, the Swungle, the Sewer abomination dungeon, world bosses, minor dungeon bosses i.e. Lemurian Queen are pretty hefty PvE additions compared to how the game was after only 2 months of early release.

I recommend trying a private server or do co-op, as official servers are experiencing a lot of bugs, judging by the number of bugreports and complaints.

Warning, it is a very different and much more advanced game compared to the stage where you left.

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