Having a complete and utter blast on an unofficial server

I am playing on a private PvP server with various mods, but most importantly Pippi, fashionista and sexiles!

Being a woman in a savage PvP world, where one can be captured, enslaved and raped, is an experience that no traditional game mechanic can offer. It requires a very specific sets of factors to achieve this.

There is a certain gender based gravitas and agency that is diegetic to the world. Incredibly immersive, and quite relevant to Howards vision. Couple that with CE’s graphical and animation fidelity and you have one of the most immersive experiences in the industry.

Only thing that comes close to this is obviously Skyrim (with mods of course), but other players don’t glitch out (generally). There is actual emotional engagement instead of interacting with an automated robot.

I would have thought a private PvP server is going to be a grief fest… but no. It’s actually even more civilized than PvE servers, because player engagement in PvP is very closely guided. It’s like a gentleman’s dual with rapiers of old.

Now, I know some of these things seem obvious to many, but as a former official server player who has played since the beginning, I can tell you one thing profound that I learned from this that also liberates me in RL:

Progress is not an accumulation, but a habit. The accumulation is just a by-product of that habit.
Be defined by the journey, not the luggage.


The big difference between officials and private servers are admins. Private servers have admins, and there are rules of engagement, if you don’t follow, bye bye and find another place, and believe me these trolls are identified within minutes, warned and if not changed behaviour, kicked and banned. I am very glad you discovered private servers, and sad you didn’t do it before. Enjoy the expierence and above all, enjoy the community, you will find out it has nothing to do with official servers, it’s a different game.


In an open system, in order to really know what one wants, one must first know what one doesn’t want.

I suppose that is what official servers are for.

It sets a precedent to better private servers.


100% regarding unofficial and having good/fair Admin(s). There are some private servers with some horrible Admins, but they are very few and far between. The moment there are active Admin factors like spam-building and griefing just fall away (nothing like dropping a trolls level to 1 whenever they start abusing a server to guide them away from that path :slight_smile: ) - banning is always a last-resort kind of thing in my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve discussed this before, but in my opinion, all multiplayer games, whether they’re online, traditional board games, tabletop RPGs or whatever, are always based on mutual trust, respect and understanding of all parties involved. When all participants are committed to the enjoyment of everyone involved, and not just themselves, the experience is going to be great for everyone.

But on official free-for-all online servers people won’t know, nor do they have a chance to know, everyone. They don’t have an easy way to agree upon acceptable rules of engagement or code of conduct. The medium makes it very hard to build a community where people, even if they’re playing as bitter rivals with the intent to beat the other guys, still all strive for the same goal - having a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

Private servers have the simple advantage of being a more easily containable environment where people have a better opportunity to communicate with each other what each of them wants out of the game. Even if the purpose is hardcore PvP, when people can rest assured that no-one’s there just to troll and mess around, they can focus on taking part in the competition in good spirits.



The only achilles heels that unofficial servers have are wipes whenever there is a large update, but that is a very subjective heel it seems.

I kind of see why Funcom does mega updates, because micro-updates that change the code base mess with private servers.

It’s a flow and ebb. Too much flow and eggs won’t hatch. Too much ebb and the eggs dry out.

From the moment this game is classified as 18+, everyone should understand and behave like mature adults, and that is exactly what happens in private servers because of admins. Unofficials are a lawless world while ptivates do have a minimum set of rules that any mature person has no problem at all following since it reduces to basically, behave like an adult. And if not, there is an admin to clarify things for said persons and either be adult or play elsewhere.

In regards to wipes, I can tell you that the servers I have played on have had quite a few at some point. But that is never a concern for me or the rest of the player base, because we have admins. And admins always provide compensations after wipes, generally in the form of starting kits (wouldn’t play without Pippi!), so if I were you I wouldn’t worry at all about wipes. Besides, wipes do help players to create new characters or stories when they have played a character for a long time, and wish to do or play something different.

Again, welcome to the fabulous world of private (mature) servers!.

Edit: This comes from someone who has played 0 hours on officials since EA.


I only play on private servers. I don’t have time for the public servers or dealing with the people that run amuk on them.

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Sexiles… Are you sure you all want to play Conan or “Sims - the ■■■ simulator”? :smiley:

But to each their own… Never understood that in Skyrim either and I used many mods (mostly better graphics, bugfixes and some little tweaks).

The thing is, do you even raid on such servers? Do you even do still much PvP?

PS.: And to each their own. If you are happy with it, then its cool :slight_smile:

Well, you know jot29, the majority of servers I play are pvp, but it rarely occurs. This is because also they are rp servers, and a sort of mutual consent is required before engaging in pvp. Sometimes a fight can even be reduced to dice rolls (roleplay mod of course), and in my whole experience since EA, I can count with my hands the times I’ve engaged in a real pvp combat. But then I am more into rp and fun, than into fighting other players, it’s just more fun to me, and if I wanted a fight I’d play other games, I don’t know which but I’m sure there are many. :blush:

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I wish consoles had the same tools. There is no db access, so all the great admin protection PC’s get, consoles only have the base admin screen, and a black list. that’s it… Being bale to drop peoples levels is a good first warning though. I like it.

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