Having an issue with random items duplicating

I play on pc private unofficial servers. I started playing while staying in Hawaii for the winter. I was using a friends pc. We do use a few mods. I am definitely not very good with computers. I started noticing that sometimes, very randomly when I would pick stuff up, it would double in my inventory. Anything from pets to building pieces but, never crafting components. Although, I did not purposely try to see if that would happen. I cannot predict when this will happen, it just does. I have now moved back home, am on my own pc and play on a completely different server and it still happens. It’s completely random. I might pick up a foundation piece to change placement and boom, 2 of them, I may need to pick up a pet and boom, now I have 2 of them. It doesn’t happen to anyone else and my friends tease me about it but, it is very frustrating to me. Just because I can’t get a placement just right, I end up with 5 wells when I only started with 1. Any ideas why this happens? Is it related to a mod? Please help.

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