Having Ping issues with all officials

So being from PS4, ping was of no issue (good or bad). But i can’t play any officials of the new map, or even continue on servers i was on just yesterday, as my ping is 150+ on all. Just yesterday they were all under 100,

I have characters on 3 different American official PVP servers due to this, as randomly servers i started on go past the ping next time i try to log in.

Frustrating, as I am trying do solo, without YouTube and using others guides to really enjoy the game. But losing time i set aside to level and explore, even on PVP, is souring me on the PC experience completely.

And if I really can’t go back to exiles on PS4 while i wait.
Is there something on can do on my end to better my ping, without sinking more money into this.

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You can still connect if ping is higher than allowed in server list also server lists are buggy as hell. I play on one where in list it is always 140+ ping and when I log in I actually get 64-84. Use direct connect, you need server IP and port which you can get on www.battlemetrics.com use the address with game port.
Let us know if you got in.

The listing is bugged, but the server measure is not. Which makes it hard, I know.
Some servers are listed as 9999, even if you can play nicely in them.

Once the game was sold to the new company in China the info for any new servers is not available. Like the original poster, I too cannot get in most of the time but since Isle of Siptah cannot be seen on battlemetrics.com do you have any other suggestions?

It seems letting the ui fully load is the best answer. There are three dots (as someone else pointed out) the show it is loading UI data on bottom. When those stop you have the refresh option pop up on bottom. Refresh, and usually the true Ping shows up. takes about 3-4 minutes total for me.

after connecting funcom live services, the ping increased 200 times. Either remove funcom live services or refund my money.

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