Having trouble with Explosive Devices in scenarios


I used for long time AR/pistols so I may as well give you my experience :slight_smile:

  • clean state is too good to not use it, heal + cleanse, at least in Castle its golden
  • same goes for AR healing passive Anima tipped bullets, use it instead then the pistol passives
  • fullauto is one of the best AoE powers ingame, range and area of effect. It also only uses 3 energy
  • high explosive grenade is good in scenarios becouse it also stuns, but if you dont have a CD head signet you may be better going with IG
  • if you still fall short of healing just use the healing basic instead then Placed shot, even at 100% attack you will still heal yourself enough

That said if I remember it correctly (was long ago) I went Leeching Ray, HEG, Clean State, Fullauto, burst fire, dual shot and the cannon as gadget (it will single target interrupt and push away it right at AR range).


That’s a radical and wholly different approach, with many abilities I’ve hardly used or not at all. Thanks, I can’t wait to try it!