Having trouble with Explosive Devices in scenarios


Keep both. Ditch the healing grenade.


That is a good desicion, keep in mind that u can pull the mobs around.
You are a rifle dps, so u can hit them from distance and they will follow u.
I mean dont stand on one spot walk backwards and use dodge to get room.

Use the envoirement, melee mobs can be easy kited, in mansion just jump in the pool or out of it, depend where the mobs are, works only for melee. And while they Reposition themselv they dont attack you, same for range mobs so it is also good to block LOS with them.

Mistress’s Bashosen can be used while exorcising ghost and picking up bombs.

dont forget Impair and slow are valid methods to buy time

I for myself use off hand AOE, elite off hand AOE, Special skill off hand AOE one single target main and one Basic heal


Good advice, all, thanks so much!

I find I have become perhaps over-reliant on essence grenade, it so quickly restores full health. Also thinking of a healer build for non-solo activities for which it should be very useful.

I’ve tried several of the modifications suggested here and as my builds develop I’m no longer failing the E1 scenarios and in some cases don’t lose a single survivor. The tips on handling mobs are especially useful.

Appreciate your interest and expertise!


I used for long time AR/pistols so I may as well give you my experience :slight_smile:

  • clean state is too good to not use it, heal + cleanse, at least in Castle its golden
  • same goes for AR healing passive Anima tipped bullets, use it instead then the pistol passives
  • fullauto is one of the best AoE powers ingame, range and area of effect. It also only uses 3 energy
  • high explosive grenade is good in scenarios becouse it also stuns, but if you dont have a CD head signet you may be better going with IG
  • if you still fall short of healing just use the healing basic instead then Placed shot, even at 100% attack you will still heal yourself enough

That said if I remember it correctly (was long ago) I went Leeching Ray, HEG, Clean State, Fullauto, burst fire, dual shot and the cannon as gadget (it will single target interrupt and push away it right at AR range).


That’s a radical and wholly different approach, with many abilities I’ve hardly used or not at all. Thanks, I can’t wait to try it!