Having Trouble with Pets please advise




So far every attempt I have made to tame a pet has failed. They always end up as corpses. The first few I missed by a large window so I wasn’t surprised when I came back to the animals being corpses.

But the past few times I have been around when the tame was supposed to finish, and I missed a tiger tame by less than 5 minutes. So I was wondering how long you actually have before the converted baby animal turns into a corpse. I’ve failed more than 10 animals at this point, so if there is any feedback anyone may have as to why this is happening or the length of the window you have etc that would be a huge help.

( I have made sure that the things im trying to tame are the correct tier for the taming pen im using so I know thats not the issue. )

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As a workaround, try putting them in a Compost Heap (see Pets as to why)

You just really don’t want to be too late. It would be useful for me as wiki editor to know the window you would have, so I could determine who got it and who got it bugged for instance.

Sidenote: I’ve adjusted the official wiki page today. A tier isn’t required for a certain pet (read wiki for what it is used)


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