Headache-inducing terrain issues

Platform: Xbox Series S
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: N/A
Map: Both
Server Name: N/A

Minecraft-looking ground textures, terrain that shifts/expands/shrinks, and floating flora.

I log into the game (on either map, but Siptah is worse) and the terrain looks awful. Patches of grass float above the ground in places. When I build or travel, parts of the surrounding ground will shift, expand/shrink, change colors (other ground colors, nothing literally psychedelic,) or just dissappear for a few seconds - then reset and repeat.

Sadly the same issues on PS5.

Im on an Xbox One X and though my issues are not as severe as the above posts I have noticed that quite often the terrain graphics blur out for no reason. Even when standing still.

I can’t say for Spitah- I’m currently locked out of it like everybody else who dared set eyes on the Ash Island- but I tried the “Performance” mode as they suggested in that sticky and I’ve left it on running around the Exile Lands. It solves 90% of the graphics issues, at least on Series X.

Elephants are still invisible though.

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