Healers need help! An idea to make them better without making them mandatory


Been reading through this topic and it’s kinda interesting to me. I don’t see the level of ‘useless healer’ that people are referring to. In the last 50-odd dungeons I’ve done, I can think of only 2 times when it’s been suggested I go DPS, and about the same where I’ve not been told but have been stood around doing nothing. (Bear in mind, this is just my experience…I don’t doubt that some others in this topic have had it much more)

Now I absolutely believe that sustain tanking lessens the need for pure healing - and indeed, I don’t slot 6 healing abilities. But there’s so much that healers can do aside from adding more health back. Some people above have spoken negatively about the idea of healers being more used for buffs, but I like doing that.

I really see the role as a general support - essentially taking care of everything that gets in the way of tanks and DPS doing their roles to the best they can. That’s why I provide attack buffs, extra protection and barriers as well as restoring health and cleansing. If anything, I’d like to see more utilities as part of the healing weapons - but then again, that would only suit my style and probably wouldn’t work for everyone.

The initial idea from this topic is a pretty good one. Of course, mechanics would need to be worked out, but I would welcome the idea to further support the rest of the team. Only downside for me is that it would make Savagery completely irrelevant, but replacing that with something that, say, increases critical chance would make that up!


I am glad I am not the only one that sees the healing issue in SWL

It is odd in SWL, shouting that since beta.

Well some ppl did use their grey mass and found a work around to play endgame Content even with odd healing in e8+

grats for them

but thats a workaround, and a workaround does not solve the issue! to say we dont need anything to change cus we have this workaround, is blind. It is still broken.

Fix healing, plz