Healing buffs and problems

Feedback about healing factor:

  1. could you guys give us just a tiny little natural healing? Just a touch. like 1hp per 60 secs or something by default?
    Because all the “fall” damage and such things… after death the health is halved…etc. It is just plain dull.
    need to stand almost in one spot to eat a lot just to regain my health…
    OR at least please make a “permanent buff” while you have the food meter grace period.

  2. There is a bug when you eat sometimes the health drops even more down and than start rising. <- this should be fixed asap.
    2.5. if your “regenerating” buff comes to it’s end you cannot restart it immediately by eating another piece, but the food is consumed anyway. <- needs a fix for sure.

  3. eating… really? Anyway only the roasted haunch gives a somewhat bearable amount of health.

  4. bandages… Just forget them totaly useless stuff. you need to be stationary… wow. not even the slightest move allowed… Okay no swim, no jump, no run, no fight I could understand those. but not even walk slowly???
    Game feels more like a hospital simulator than anything. little bit overdone that nerf guys admit it.
    30% of the game is just stand and wait now.
    Also EVERYTHING will give you back the “you stopped bandaging” so it is impossible to heal in sandstorm, or at the frozen north if you caught unprepared…
    But the biggest problem with them now… YOU have to manually sheate your sword/tools…etc. can you make that automatic? instead of using up the bandage and got back an error message…

5 the only working stuff for healing seems to be aloe extract. Which is kinda okay. but seriously those small flask are made out of gold or something even more heavier…
Or would you force us to go learn Mithra to get ambrosia? <- this would be too much restricting what if I am a racist and hate greek gods? <- just kidding, but still.

6 Conclusion: vitality level 30 is a must! then please give us more points to distribute because character level 1-30 playing now is a pain in the ■■■.

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  1. Slowly healing when at 75%+ food would be nice. But it’s really not necessary as food is extremely abundant and easy to get. If I take fall damage I just eat some meat and keep running. Natural healing would be way too slow to change how I play. I also keep a dancer companion with me in addition to Fierce Vitality, so I do have constant passive regen.

  2. This is because when your food reaches 100%, you gain a +5% bonus to health and the meter displays as a percentage, so your percent of current health drops slightly. When water reaches 100% you get +5% stamina.

2.5. Yeah this is annoying. Eat more food ‘right’ before the icon starts to fade and it’ll refresh the healing effect. Otherwise you have to wait 2-3 seconds after it ends.

  1. There’s better food than that. Those give 60 health. Cook it on a stove for food that gives 80 or 100.

  2. Bandages are now only useful for healing through bleed, poison or environmental damage such as frostbite or sandstorms. Food/potion healing stops upon taking damage, but bandages keep working.

  3. Aloe Extract sucks. Just use food that heals 100 or golden lotus potions. Also, the ambrosia you can get from the Mitra religion is a lot better than aloe extract as well as cheaper and easier to make. But I recommend agaist potions as they are heavy - I just use food. Hearty Stew is very easy to make, heals 100 HP, gives 100 food and 20 water.

  4. I agree, Fierce Vitality is awesome. But I go for at least 10 encumbrance and 20 strength before getting any vitality.

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