Healing (food + wraps)

Absolutely true,but only if we play with that boring set of cookie cutter attributes, cookied cutter sets and army of npc followers. Which is where the game kills its own fun, makes anyother choice at builds, stats, equipment useless.

I had played that way at single player to 60 and unlocked many things about the game but here is the deal;

Our characters are dum craftsman with no real talent; bodyguarded by army of npcs and can achieve nothing without equipment and crafting tables. All of those can be lost with a snap to a simple lag that makes us avatar move by itself which is epic fail.

Ps: Its pretty funny that older players play with MODs that make the game Very easy for them and tell no change is required for the offical game. This is really funny.

I agree.

If funcom did this, they did wrong.
the job of a designer is not to do exactly what Is asked, but to create the content so that people feel that it was what they wanted.
This extends to any area of creation, be it game design, graphic or even architecture (my profession).
lay people usually do not know what they want or are unaware of the consequence of the choice.
So it’s funcom to blame.


You’re an architect. I’m a game developer (as in I’m currently involved in a project in game development), in addition I’ve made at least two mods for Conan Exiles itself. So I can say with confidence (something by your own statement you cannot as a layman) that the healing changes were correct.

To go back is just bad design. So Funcom was right to do so.

So no, they didn’t do what a layman told them to do. They did what was suggested by a peer.

And it wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve made a mod in the past to help fix an issue with the game (archery was garbage in May 2018). Not long after they changed archery to be from what they called a ‘sidearm’ to something that was actually functional and deprecated the need for my mod.

And to give further merit to my credentials on the subject. My mod was a great success on some very large servers, tested in some very large 20+ versus 20+ fights. Tests that couldn’t be done on officials due to physical server limitations (40/40).

So I do have a generally decent idea when it comes to game balance. In case you want to question Funcom’s ability to balance or my own.

On another note to others in this thread. It wasn’t just PVPers that wanted the healing changes. But there is a number of PVE players that wanted them too. Many of which won’t touch PVP. So lets stop bringing up the PVE versus PVP angles of argument. They’re irrelevant.


That’s something else, the healing system is fine and works kinda well, better than before for sure.

bandages removed bleeding before,stacked healing with other sources and they were easier to carry… so yeah, this is no different…

Maybe you don’t understand what early access means, but it’s not the final product, we’ll get fixes to those bugs. if we report them. Ambrosia needs to be taken as a potion so it deservers the drinking animation too.

healing is not spaming buttons and waiting to see who runs out of healing items anymore? Sounds very good to me.

Early access, we are the testers. have fun with it. That’s the way it is.

Absoloutely, they should add animations for drinking too, for filling the waterskin, and i dare to say to opening a corpse inventory aswell…

Man. You all took me wrong.
The new healing system is not the problem itself. It just turned the actual pvp issues more evident. Horses and kittens are the real problem and that’s why i’m complaining. They’ve should test and balance things before releasing it.

Isle of siptah is early access, a work in progress, exiled lands is a released game and the changes came to Both. So this is not an excuse.

I have my credentials too. I have more 8.000 gameplay hours, most of them on pvp official servers, so i know what i’m talking about.

I’m not only studying game design as i am on personal project on unity engine.

Btw i’ve helped some people to make their conan mods on unreal, and i have a personal mod too for my own server.

So in case you doubt my judgement ability, i know what i’m talking about too.

And yes, i play single E.A, funcom has a serious problem when balancing the pvp aspect of this game, it Always had.

The game has a plenty of weapon types, armors, options but only one setup is viable.
They were close to balance the pvp before the horse meta.
Maybe the worst thing about them is the delay to figure out what’s wrong and to fix it.

I really love this game, i want it to get better but there are some bugs living out there since E.A…
And the game mechanics keeps changing like it’s is still on early access… There are bugs and balance things that are really easy to fix.


Isle of siptah is on early access, the game itself is not.
But the changes came to Both maps.
So you can’t consider it as an early access feature.

I honestly don’t remember a single thread asking or suggesting any of what has been done. Sure, i’ve been here for less than a year, but its long enough

Also, being locked for several seconds is not bad game design, its outright nuts.
No player on their right mind feels good looking at their character unable to do anything while healing, on a long animation. If you are a game designer you know this.

The default solution (which could even be called as common sense) would be applying the heal gradually while letting the player cancel it after a short time since it started.

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Kholdenn. I agree many of those points. Additionally, I believe soloing the game barenaked without anything [ Conan ] was a joke by you. This is Not solo survival of a virtual adventurer/exile at Conan’s Hyborean age, as advertised. I would also have no problem if the game was introduced as what it really is. How it could be without getting far from Hyborean lore:

Narration: ‘’ You are an exiled Stygian Enchanter/Summoner apprentice wizard who was sent to a parallel universe. Your physical existance is powerless without your Enchanted/Magical arms and armor and your nothing without your Magically Summoned/Enthralled pets. ''

We would start the game as a young Stygian wizard and Thoth-Amon himself could wellcome us instead of Conan the barbarian. Thoth-Amon would teach us the ways of crafting magical arms and armors that channels us Set’s blessings; healing through witchcraft and magically enthrall/enchant humans and summon-control animals and the undead through Necromancy , after each level up. [ Becasue the game is this now ]

This introduction would actually fit the actuall gameplay more.

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You lose your “dignity” fella?
Geez man, calm down ^^

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Try using potions instead of bandages. They don’t lock for several seconds, and you can still move while using them.

But it hasnt come to consoles because it IS early access for PC. You can consider it EA because that’s exactly what it is.

I don’t think PvE is THAT easy…

Every time the devs change thing to make it harder we get more creatures and do less damage, thralls are still way way stronger than we are with healthbars 4-20 times bigger than that of a player with 30 points in vitality.

You as a player get in a fight of 2-3 humans or skeletons and get 24/7 staggered while the AI does not.

Wearing light armour has become no option. The attacks and mobility of the creatures makes the dodge obsolete. Light armour is more like a cosmetic currently.

Most bosses are too fast to even hit a single hit in between their attack spam, just try to take down a wolf champion alone… even with heavy armour (800 armour) and 30 vitality (around 440hp) the wolf can 2 hit kill you… while attacking you rapitly fast.


I was exaggerating. Ahahahahshs
But sometimes i see this happening

Yep, i don’t play anymore. The new healing has broken the game. You can forget about fighting a large group of tuff enemies now. You can no longer heal while you fight them off. I just don’t get it! Why would anyone think this is an improvement? It’s NOT! A useless standing around animation while you heal and not being able to while in combat is just an un-needed downgrade. Food no longer healing is fine, but for the love of god let me swing my war axe while i use a healing wrap or drink a potion. These changes add ZERO benefit to the player and just added grief.

Updates Always come to pc first, but as i said, isle of siptah map is early access, conan exiles isn’t. So there’s no excuse for them.

These changes came to Both maps, if ir were exclusive for isle of siptah, it should be ok to be considered an early access content.

I like this. I really like this when PvE players mention things like this. Also the Arena Champion.

Translate this champion wolf to a sabre tooth. The same damage, 2 hits and you are gone and you donated all the gear you had to another player. Ofc it is a PvP server. But 2 hits? Add the fact that those are also faster than you, so running is not an option. Because those sabre tooths stick to the player and as long as this player follows you, so does his pet companion. You can get your own cat pet, but then you have to pray that your pet attacks first.

So you get hit by his sabre tooth first. Do you have time to heal and possibly save the hours of farming that went into your gear you are carrying? Well you need to use a potion, since bandages and food are not an option. This slows you down for 2 seconds. Is it enough to get the heal through and dodge roll the next incoming attack? Questionable.

So running is not the ideal option. Let’s look at the others:

Can you kill that sabre tooth before you die? Possibly not, because there is also this player attacking you. Add the fact that sabre tooth possibly have 3x the HP a champion wolf has.

Can you kill the player? Maybe. But once you commit an attack you are stuck in that animation and prone to get jumped and knocked by that sabre tooth. And then you have 1 more hit to take from that pet and you are gone. So you need to heal.

I just want to make things more clear for PvE players. I want them to see and understand the unbalance we currently have in PvP with not only pets, but thralls as well.

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Our character’s basic survivalibility sucks hard no matter what level he is. The avatar is literally a Zero without all the items, buffs and all the mumbo jumbo it carries around and eats like a 300kg couch master. It is pretty sad actually…and when the Special CE type lag hits and make the character start floating at the game world.

Crom !

Thats just not how the game works. The game is back in EA. If you have a complaint about that, fine, but thats what it is. The console advantage in this case is that we arent impacted by the EA features until its ready for primetime.