Healing (food + wraps)

no truth in this statement.

Yeah, no. Healing system affects all players. The impact might be different, but it doesn’t make PVE(-C) player opinions any less valuable. You don’t get to decide who shuts up.


The game had OP EZ Mode for too long. Now they are finally making it an actual survival game and some people don’t like their toys are getting taken away.

WHAT!? I don’t have infinite free healing potions by just filling my water skin at the nearest river??
I can’t face roll mobs of enemies non-stop by just shoveling entire banquets down my throat? But that’s immersive!

I guess I missed the climactic end battle in Conan where he stuffed an entire pork feast in his face while fighting the bad guy. This isn’t Diablo where we gulp bags full of potions or Gauntlet where the Elf needs food… This is a survival game, not an ARPG.

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It’s still op ez.

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Aren’t broken is purely subjective. By that logic we would still be using Widows XP. The world loved it but changes were made and it made people angry and then those were changed and fixed and over time new versions came out. Just because some people liked an old version of something does not mean that it should and can never be improved upon. Also, it is always the group a person belongs to that is the majority by perception.


The new healing system is a big detriment to playing this game. I agree with the OP. The healing animations are quite boring and unnecessary. I have to say the Isle of Siptah redesign with poor healing is a major reason why I rarely play anymore

They don’t release a new windows before making the current version decent enough, though.

Right now, we have:

Siptah fixes; (things like glowing goop, maelstrom)
healing related changes/fixes; (how healing works, perks, healing related item stats, animations)
thrall leash fixes;
and every other months old problem that still exist.

Oh and the hunger/thirst is also being worked on already.

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Potions weigh more than wraps. When you are trying to keep weight down, this works against you.
I used to carry 10 potions and 50 berries, thats it.
Now we have to carry 10 wraps, 5 potions, and 40 berries.
Plus food and water bag.
We tried to play with just wraps and food.
We ran out of food half way thru the quest we were on (getting elephant hides).
So we are now trying the 10,5,40 method. It works well, but adds weight.

Maybe try replacing the berries with something that provides a bit more value? Berries provide very little healing value, but other foods do provide a lot more. I’m not suggesting going all the way up to Exotic Feast or the like - good healing but lots more effort - but something like Cooked Pork Rinds (just Raw Pork in a campfire) is pretty decent for the effort. (Fish Strips are apparently also really good compared to the work involved.) Wak put out a video on YouTube the other day that covers the exact heal values of different foods if you want more data.

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Are you playing PVP? Because I’m not very qualified to talk about that. But if it’s PVE or PVE-C, I carry 10 wraps, 10 potions, and anywhere between 10 and 25 cooked abysmal meat, and my encumbrance is in the green.

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Same general quantities here (except I usually go for cooked pork rinds right now, because I’ve got a bunch and I’m lazy). Can’t really claim my encumbrance is usually green, but that may have more to do with my habit of carrying all my tools, repair kits, multiple spare weapons… I’m not a hoarder, I just like options :wink:

That’s about what I use minus food, I don’t normally carry food with me since its just weight and can spoil.

As for PVP, I used to simply carry about 15-20 of whatever food. Then about 5-10 violet curealls. But with the groups I ran with, we didn’t really need to use much healing because of how aggressive we were. Now its probably good to carry the PVE loadout, since potions deal with bleeds and poison is relatively rare.

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Depends on your lvl 60 build. I only have 12 in encumbrance. The potions are too heavy,only carry 5, before the update I carried 10.
The berries weight a fraction of the weight of food.
You get the same result as eating food, which is 3x heavier.
Now I have one slot that has to be for the skinning knife, pick, hammer, and torch. I dont even carry all of them, the pet does.

Its extremely obvious many of you haven’t tried playing since the Siptah update. So yeah I’m going to call that out.

no the game is not alive and well… 3 weeks ago i played on a siptah map 40 ppl on 3 weeks later there are 4 ppl playing on that map… to say its well and good is a joke. 1 clan wipes everyone and keeps wiping everyone till everyone says forget it and leaves… that map is way to small far to hard to grind with out 10 ppl in your clan. to steal the hard work from everyone else. simple as that. its garbage.

This is a matter of perspective. Lets look at some facts here.

Now the numbers I pulled up are not primetime numbers. But from what I’ve seen (and feel free to double check this yourselves if you all like) in the past the ratios remain about the same throughout the day. So there’s enough data here to make some determinations.

Total players online on Steam currently: 6714. Total peak players today: 14288

Total players on official Exiled Lands: 496
Total players on official Isle of Siptah: 566
Total players on all officials: 1062

On PC 1 out of 6 players on Steam play on Officials. This has been true for several months in my experience. Again if you guys have different numbers, feel free to post them.

So here’s what we know. Since May 2018, Conan Exiles has been in the top 100 played games on Steam. Never dropped from that list. Currently today, according to peak numbers, it was in the top 60ish. Currently top 62 as of this writing.

Given all the ratios roughly stay the same (and forgive me, I’m going to be rounding numbers to get some of these values, but its probably best to do so incase there is spikes in population for whatever reason). We can deduce the following:

1100 peak players play on official Exiled Lands
1200 peak players play on official Isle of Siptah

But here’s the problem:

There’s 431 Official Exiled Lands servers - total capacity: 17,240
There’s 123 Official Isle of Siptah servers - total capacity: 4,920

I think you all see what’s going on here.

To put it shortly, the healing changes aren’t causing the problem you are seeing with only 4 players on the map.

I’ve said it before, the problem officials have is there’s too many officials. Instead of being ~500 servers, there should be 100 total split between Exiled Lands and Siptah. This would do two things.

First up is it would condense the playerbase on officials so you don’t see a dozen servers with 3-4 players on them.

Second is it reduces the workload of Funcom moderators who service those tickets you all have 6-8 wait times on. One quarter the servers means one quarter the load. So you go from a couple of weeks to a couple of days of response time or less (since they can service multiple tickets per server at a time).

Lets be honest. The game is meant to be played with a few dozen players online at the same time, not a handful.

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If you shove everyone into less servers (officials) you are also putting every other moron together too. When you had 1 griefer, now you have 5.

If that’s a good or bad thing, I can’t tell. Guess we would only know by testing it. But doesn’t sound helpful.