Healing Wraps - Bleeds/Cripple

For those interested, they indeed remove instantly any stacked bleeds and clear any new ones for about 2-3 seconds (even the basic healing wraps).

The cripple lasts about 3 seconds and it is 90% reduction of the movement speed. It can be cleared with Elixir of Freedom as usual.

When cripple wears off, it no longer interrupts the regenerating effect. Thank you, Funcom for fixing that.



Is it intended that cripple should interrupt healing effects? I can understand bleed or poison, but not necessarily cripple or sunder for example.

ADDED: does violet cureall heal cripple?

My whole reason for asking is…there are only 8 slots on xbox wheel and that means high consideration must be given to what is worthy of those spots.

Haunch, tea, weapon, wraps, freedom elixir, cureall, set potion, another weapon, FULL.

Cripple doesn’t interrupt heal on its own, sure it does if you take damage while it being applied. It used to interrupt it when the effect wears off: e.g 10s heal + 3s cripple = 3s heal. Now heal is still 10s as intended. Violet doesn’t cure cripple only the elixir of freedom does.

So you need bandages for bleed, set/violet for poisons and freedom for cripple.

Violet used to clear poisons and bleed similar to set but now they are both for poisons only.


wonderful clarification tyvm.

Good news is that claws won’t take a spot anymore :upside_down_face:

Yeah for whatever reason they want us to invest tons of points into survival to reduce the duration of bleed.

The combat system just keeps getting more convoluted.

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