Healing Wraps Don’t Work When Moving

I was going to take on some bosses to make some trophies on my wall, and I had improved healing wraps just in case. But when I tried to use them, they wouldn’t work when I was moving, and I had to move around a lot to be able to heal.

They’re now working as intended.

This was changed a few weeks ago.

How a bandaid wouldn’t work if you’re moving baffles me too.

make a temple of Mitra and make ambrosia much better then those wraps , you can’t use wraps during fights , you need to stand still .
With ambrosia it’s consumable food instant good health boost . :wink:

The idea is that you bandage yourself while standing still. If you move you stop the bandaging process.

The question is how you consume meals while running around. It’s called ‘convenience’. I love it :grinning:

Uses Arnold Schwarzenegger voice It’s da bower of da barbarians Uaaaaaah

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Something I’ve been using is the Golden Lotus Potion. Works like a charm. I haven’t tried Ambrosia yet.

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Ambrosia is nice not as good as golden lotus but easy to farm
But is alot heavier