Healing wraps glitchy

I was using healing wraps and I noticed that sometimes when you use healing wraps it will consume the healing wrap and complete the emote of wrapping yourself with the wraps, but it won’t actually heal you.

In order to reproduce this you can use a healing wrap and if it heals you, immediately use another healing wrap once the animation is complete. The second wrap may or may not actually heal you. I’m not sure if there is a correlation, but if I switch weapons or tools in between healing wrap applications it will usually heal me for both wraps as expected.

Edit: I have never had an issue with rough wraps and have never crafted anything beyond healing wraps because the higher up wraps don’t seem to be worth crafting for the materials needed; so I don’t know if the higher lever wraps are glitchy also.

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@MIP ,Oh they are , all the levels of wraps are the same . But I didn’t see the problem just in the wrapps, I had the same issues with the healing potions too , especially the concentration one .


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