Health Bar discrepancies

I’ve been noticing this in the ANKH more than anywhere else, but it does happen other places. It’s especially bad for us tanks.

Sometimes when we crash and sometimes randomly, our health bars will show more health than what we actually have in our health bar (example: 25455/23200). When it happens we have to unequip and equip all gear because it messes with power, protection, etc. What’s worse is that we can’t see it ourselves and everyone else can, so we have to ask the group. Tanks may keep dying and won’t understand why until it comes to mind or someone tells us. It’s happening more often now. It happened to every single person in an E10 NYR one day.

This may have been reported before, but it’s still going on so it deserves another.

Also just came out of a NYR E5 where peeps who were dead were still shown as being alive on the raid window.

When a DC happens most often your gear or weapons abilities no longer have any effect - acting like you have non extraordinary gear. Needing a removal and re-equip of the items for them to take effect again.

  • Other things such as cleanses not working and tanks being killed through Immutable and Pain Suppression have also been seen.

I don’t hold out much hope for any bug fixes until capable people are employed in the relevant department.

/reloadui doesn’t fix it?

Nope. Otherwise I wouldn’t care to post it. Not only that, sometimes it takes a minute or so to be able to unequip and re-equip my gear. So everyone has to wait for tank (me).

When has reloadui fixed anything that isn’t the ui?
It’s also not just the tanks, it’s everyone.

If it hasn’t happened yet to you - then think yourself lucky.
Unless it has and you just haven’t noticed.

The friends list fiasco only started happening to me not too long ago, yet others had been experiencing it since way before spring.

Still no word on why that happened either.
And that is something funcom did to the game.

have you tried /stuck @Ceruleana? :confused:

Healthbars are part of the UI as such reloadui was my first thought.
I think I had it myself maybe once or twice but as a relative long time player various UI and other bugs are something that I came to expect and as dps I am just less inhibited by it.
Next time definitly sent a bug report (shift+B if I remember right), if there is any chance in getting it fixed having the data such a bugreport provides is helpful. It’s a bit better than the normal petition.

Not really a UI issue if everyone else can see it except the person experiencing it tho Leo.
And for those who don’t even know about this - they may be put off by learning to tank altogether if they keep dying for what they think is either something they are doing/not doing right/wrong - or an invisible hurdle they have no idea how to get over.

It’s an issue that should have been fixed long ago.
It’s also related to staffing issues as well we all know.

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@Meta-Moth Yeah, that’s never worked for me. Neither in TSW or SWL lol

That is true. That can be really discouraging for new peeps trying to learn to tank.

It has worked in SWL - it lifted me up and i floated out from where i was stuck loool
Quite magical to see.
but it was more in humour to suggest it as it would be just as much use as typing /reloadui in this case - as we both experienced.

Can barely go into a dungeon this days without this freakin’ problem.

And again. It’s every 2nd or 3rd dungeon I tank.