Health bar on Thralls / Pet npcs are not visible anymore

Three thrall died from teleport high places. NIce update.

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No, i have the same issue, no healthbar on followers so you can see theire health, i lost Dalinsa because of that, didnt see when to shoot health arrows.


Just saw my bear taking 200 hp damage from leaving a 2 blocks high wall. A place that even my character shouldn’t take any damage. Imagine climbing and stuff with a thrall following! Certain death!

Still no hotfix for this issue, is it because it’s the weekend?

Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up, it’s been relayed to our team.


Thank you! :smiley:

fix this please, it is impossible to level up a thrall without being able to see his health.


Dear Sirs, sorry for my English. It took 5 days after entering the patch and detecting this failure. But during these 5 days, no solution appeared. This is very surprising. After all, this was a normal working mechanism, which the developers themselves messed up in the patch. This issue affects most of the game’s content. So now most of the game is available but limited. No, of course, thank you for not breaking any more, but it might be worth introducing at least a temporary solution. We actually would like to play. You may think our decision is strange, but that’s the kind of players we are. It took 2 days after the data was sent to the developers, but there is still no solution. I would really like to know if it will be in the next patch, in a better year?


Same problem here with all followers - human and animals. Still not fixed :frowning:

on the pvp server from 17 to 23, you can do this-shot or hit your follower and he had a strip of HP

Gentlemen, I congratulate you, today is the anniversary-10 days since the health bar on Thralls display disappeared. And this mechanism works, you only need to correct the appearance.

I do not want to run through Dungeons and Bosses until they fix this bug. Developers did not write anything?

I haven’t seen the developers ’ response to this question. A lot of player posts where there is fear and despair. Fear and despair.

This has been replied to by a staff member but it wasnt in the last patch. Since it’s monday and apparently in some places even a holiday monday i do not think we would get a patch today.
But you are correct it would be nice to hear something from the devs about it. Are they looking into it or do they see it as an additional difficulty that we have to cope with would be nice.


Something else scares me. In the latest patch, there are a lot of errors related to Thralls. Developers can leave the HP issue up to patches with a wider range of fixes.

Hurrah!!! New small patch … “that does nothing else than to bring up the revision number”

apparently these were being worked on all this time

New update today and still no health bar :pensive:sad.

This basically broke many core aspects of the game. Please fix this. It’s totally obnoxious to play right now. Lost 2 great thralls. This should be mega priority.

I am experiencing the same issue. I pinged the folks on my server to see if anyone else experienced the issue and those that responded said they could see the follower’s health. Whether or not they noticed, not sure, but it is impacting my game play. So confirmed on an official PVE-C 1823. Looks like FUNCOM ack’d the issue below. thanks

Please, bring the Thrall and Pet Health Bar back!