Health potion question

What is the easiest potion to mass produce, but is also effective? Doesn’t have to be the best potion just a decent one

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Aloe Extract is not the single best healing item in the game, but it is still fairly effective. Cheap as dirt to produce too, even more so when you have a sickle. It only requires 10 Aloe leaves per bottle, or 5 with a T4 Alchemist. It may not be the single best option available, it is cheap and effective. Consume in conjunction with a food item (such as Roast Haunch) for a fast and effective healing burst. I still frequently use this combination myself.

The runner-up. While weaker than Aloe Extract, Ambrosia is also easy to produce (at a Mitra Shrine), and certainly nothing to be sneered at. One Lingering Essence nets you one Ambrosia. Also works well when consumed with a piece of food.

And here’s how to get the Aloe Extract potion recipe:

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