Hearing clan mates through headset but not in a party with them

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [| Bug | Misc]
Region: east us

So today I was playing on a private server that also had 2 of my classmates online. They were in a party I believe but I wasnt in it with them. I had my headset plugged in, but not wearing it and started hearing this weird static noise coming from it. So I put it on and could hear bits and pieces of what sounded like fighting from conan exiles. The longer I listened I thought i heard one of the clan members say something but i thought surely not. Over the next few minutes the audio became clearer and I could hear my clanmates talking, fighting, and clicking buttons like normal party audio except a little quieter. I sent them a message and promptly unplugged my headset. I gave it a few minutes, plugged it back in, but could still hear them. At this point I’ve taken it out again and have left it out. I cant find anything online anywhere, via xbox or funcom about this issue. I’m concerned due to privacy reasons. If I was someone they didnt know it could have gone much worse

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Sounds like global voice chat is turned on within that server. Check the server settings on gportal, uncheck the options for global chat and server voice chat and that should fix your issue.

I’ll tell the server admin to check it out. I’m not too familiar with gportal settings so I appreciate your help