Heart of a hero ? binding of the dead

ok , wondering if anyone have figure it out, (how to get those)


one skull humans, mini bosses.

you harvest them with what? cause its not in their inventory .

If you’re talking Exiled Lands - Binding of the Dead recipe comes from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts (the scrolls you get in exchange for fragments of power in the Archives). Heart of a Hero should be in the inventory of any of the Relic Hunter minibosses around the Unnamed City - normally just a quick run around the city killing the Relic Hunter camps should get you several. If they’re not dropping at all it could indicate a bug or mod conflict.

(If you’re talking Siptah, then I’m sorry, I don’t know…)

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It’s a Siptah forum, so he’s most likely talking about Siptah :wink:

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Hi, is it a bug? No idea if i should report it. Od if i am not looking well. Thanks

yea i was so excited when i got the bindings recipes but have not yet found a heart anywhere to craft it in siptah.

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I don’t know. I haven’t yet summoned a surge myself, and I keep hearing about recipes that sometimes drop from surge mini-bosses. To be honest, even if they do, the RNG involved is my least favorite thing about Conan Exiles in general, but that doesn’t make it a bug.

If you report it as a bug, they might close the report and tell you it isn’t, so I guess that could be a way to find out :wink:

Or they might do what they did with my bug report about grey lupin not growing anywhere on the isle:


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