Heart pendant, silver

The heart pendant silver can’t be sold, thrown away or be used once you have it and get another one. Eating up an inventory slot with nothing you can do against it.

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It should be fixed asap. Just standing in agartha gives tons of those things :frowning:

The other colors have the same bug.

Have you tried deleting it in a different zone? I know the worn curio gadget can’t be thrown away while in Agartha for some reason.

Edit: just tested and that doesn’t work either :v:

Sadly we got the bags when noone is at the office but Andy was there shortly, probably from home. It should be fixed asap else I go to town with nirvelle.
Cause right now I don’t have inventory…not a single slot stopping me from basically everything.

Thanks for the reports - we’re aware of this issue and looking it.


I get these duplicate necklaces I can’t delete, and now I’m getting gift bombed, which, I’m sure would be really nice, if I could delete these necklaces. I sold them, so it says, but they are still in my inventory? The look red in the ‘sold’ window. Is there any kind of command I can run to get rid of them?

Will have to wait till Funcom puts in a fix in order for those to disappear.

I have a character bound agent [Lady of the Mists] that i equipped and another in my bank that cant be sold , traded or deleted. I have three valentine event pendants in my bags that cant be sold , traded or deleted in any zone. Plz fix it !!

If the Agent isn’t an event item it may be worth putting in a petition. I had something similar with one of the agents from the faction missions and had to get a GM to remove it manually. They’re usually pretty good about it.

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Hello, friends! Tell me please corrected prolem with pendants? full backpack:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is a known issue and the plan is to have it resolved tomorrow. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!!


Thanks again for your patience - this issue should be resolved as of today’s update:

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