Heat sources for cold base

i am trying to research which sources emits the higher output of heat in the game. and which one has the longest range.

some people claim small camps can produce heat even when its not on.

some others says some breaziers emit lots of heat.

plan is to open a hole in the floor, and add multiple heat sources below, and seal it with ceiling tiles.

please share anything you have found.


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I do not think there is any heatsource which has a notable effect, as long as you use the proper building tiles and wear the proper armor you should be fine everywere

Fireplace has the best heat, You can put them all the way around your base in a fake wall per say. You can also use them as anti climb in high heat areas.

And yes, camp fires, bonfires and fireplaces give off heat even when turned off.

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With out a doubt the couldron genereta the most heat.

But, as the fireplace can be turned on without using fuel it can be the choice to make.

All kinds of braziers generate heat aswell, just stand directly under a hanging one, or above one you will se temp rise marginally.

Be careful tho, as if you place to many it will be hot, and also i noticed the couldron generate with out being turned on, but not as much.
Try to jump up on it and watch your temp rise.

Basicly i found that directly over or under the heatsourche is the best for this purpose, alltho you will se effect standing beside the fireplace the heat is higher on top,

Fireplace :ok_hand:t2:

I tested out something, out of boredom and curiousity.

I built a two floor 6x6 building up in the North near Bridge of the Betrayer on the shoreline.

The second floor was inaccessible but it had fireplaces that lined all the walls, about 8 hanging braziers and about 8 floor braziers. Basically it was an entire room done for no other reason than to provide heat for the floor below it.

I had a furnace and a cauldron on the first floor, some other crafting stations and a few wall torches. With the furnace on, in cold appropriate armor, I would go to extremely hot being inside.

Have a relatively large base in a perma-frostbite region.
Built with 80% insulated and 20% black-ice, have just 2x fireplace each floor and wall torches.
This way is stable at normal temperature, I rarely see the “cold” status, mainly while approaching the entrance.
So, I vote fireplace as well.

Fireplaces give a LOT of heat. It’s just the range being a lil low; they are the hottest at their exact place. Leading me to…

Depending on wether they changed it or not, heat does have no height value.
It just goes all the way up and down.

Just build a vertical base, and on top you just spam the entire floor with fireplaces.
As kelts2018 said, that can be used as anticlimb as well. (Ok, I thought I sent some pm, but my profile just said “nope!”. Maybe @Jens_Erik or someone else needs to look at that?)
However, the original idea was to have climbers climb the wall where those things are on the other side, and then have them fall off. So I found out I could have done without wasting that many resources.


Nope. It didnt change. Still unlimited vertical range. (And as you can see, it’s ~12 foundations up. (Supposed to have a range of 2-3?))

we built a volcano base with fireplaces and heatstroke all around inside and out lol.

Well actually the spot where I am standing is heatstroke as well, I guess I took that screenshot too fast. You can see the change coming in from the left though.

But… Volcano? And then fireplaces? Going to bed nude? :joy:

just dont caption that image as “heatstroke” :smiley:

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