Heavy Armor in Frostbite Areas

Yes sure it is cold resistance, it gives u encumbrance points, so its out of consideration because first of all its a DLC. Secondly its not suitable for Fighting. Thats why im focusing on cimmerian on this subject

We both know that he is in the game, yet he is almost impossible to get. Others T4 armorers (in the galleon) is easier to find, since the chance of spawning is much greater

That’s not necessarily true. Because each perk point costs more attribute points with respect to how many points you have already spent on that stat, having 9 points in enc actually saves you more points to spend elsewhere than something like silent legion with it’s 2 points per piece of armor.

Unless I misunderstood the table, the first 5 attr points spent grant 5 perk points. Then for the next 5 perk points, you need to spend 2 attr points each. So when compared to putting perk points into enc directly, +9 enc from armor saves you spending 13 attribute points, And you can spend those elsewhere.

Of course, if you really can find a viable heavy armor build with no enc that suits your purposes, the stats on Khitan are wasted points, but you can still mix and match to your advantage there, something that is not possible unless you buy the DLC.

The thing is, unless you are running a pure damage build, you need some enc out of pure practicality, particularly when wearing heavy armor.

Also, If you are playing in cold regions, and particularly since temp effects have been increased, using something other than Khitan means you need to spend more time and effort on staying warm than if you don’t use Khitan (which has comparable cold protection to the heat protection offered by SL).

You could use the Solspeil shield which offers +20 temp alone, but then you can’t use two handed weapons and ofc you need to already have the shield - which isn’t exactly easy to obtain. (even less so after the palisade nerf).,

On balance then, The “cosmetic” Khitan heavy armor is the best armor for use in cold regions, unless you are purely hunting in pvp. And even then you could make a case for Khitan being superior on balance.

So no, it’s not cosmetic. At all. It’s actually best in class as a general purpose set. Which is a joke.

And if this was another “mistake” why didn’t they just edit the protected DLC assets to reduce to cold protection to be in line with the other stuff? another trivial fix that is somehow beyond Funcom’s capabilities. (yeah, right).

SL has also been overnerfed for no good reason and it seems likely that the next DLC will offer heavy armor with heat protection comparable to SL but that is better in almost every other way. In which case, the best armors applicable to the most lucrative regions will only be available in the “cosmetic” DLC.

Time will tell I guess. I’m getting my laughter track ready though.

Spawnrate for Armorers at The Black Gallon is atrociously low since the hotfix though.
I doubt that there’s actually a noticeable difference between those and Werk from what I have gathered so far on the forums and ingame.

I use Mistmourn with Silent Legion, of course, like you said, wielding a shield isn’t still possible, if you climb, fight with 2-handers or so. But a good add. It’s a legendary one to, and you need be lucky to get it out of a chest like most.

Kithan heavy armor is warm, i’m wearing it mostly to build in cold climate or hang around. I have some favs armors for fight, mostly still the same, the other armors are more for changes, making pics, or like said, hanging around.

Speeking particular builds is nearly a joke when people reset stats again and again with the lotus potion, so yes, points are important, but this make it kind of pointless. Here again, myself i don’t use it lot. For me more a choice and a challenge more to stuck to my build, but again, that’s me._

Sure, but you could fight naked if you want to. The issue is one of potential. Whether people choose to leverage it isn’t really germane.

Khitan heavy armor has much better cold protection making it the best general purpose armor for cold areas, particularly so now that temp effects have been increased.

And unless you buy the DLC, you can’t get it. Period.

Yes. This will need to be addressed by toning Khitan down or others up.

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