Heavy handed suspensions

Funcom needs a new way of dealing with suspensions. My account is now permanently banned due to a “massive” base. No cheating or exploiting. The purposely vague language needs to go. Tell us how big a base can be exactly. Funcom’s behavior in this regard is disrespectful. I’ve spent too much money to be treated like a cheater. I will continue to play due to the great people I play with. But I will not spend another cent on this game. No more battle pass, no more skeleton pets, and no more lemon trees.

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I have a feeling they did not include that in the ban reason and you’re just assuming that?

In any case, specific ban discussions are not meant to be taking place on the forums, so this is the wrong place for this.
You need to submit a ticket to Zendesk and try to appeal your ban.


Massive base was included in the reason. I’m not trying to appeal a ban here. I’m starting a discussion about building rules being too vague and bans handed out too easily. Which inevitably will lead to loss of revenue.
Bases larger than ours were reported and left standing because they were not in violation. Our base was found to be in violation even though it was smaller.
Their metric for a massive base is neither consistent nor fair.

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