Height of npc characters

I noticed something that I find quite annoying. All tall/very tall NPCs (e.g. “ugly cannibal” or “Undina, the captain’s guard”). After converting them into thralls they lose their height becoming normal like the others. Why not leave them as they are?
In the photo: on the left the original npc, on the right the same but converted (in this case it is Undina)


They have 20% more range than other thralls when like that. The height slider doesn’t just adjust height, but every bone in the skeleton of the model, including the hands which increase the weapon size and its range.

For some reason, the tall height of thralls is limited to 188.999 centimeters.
Some mods allow you to adjust the height of thralls up to 2.4 meters, but no more.

You sure you can’t go higher if you adjust the limits in those mod settings? I remember being able to make an avatar sized thrall when the limits were set to max slider distance.

Yes, I didn’t go deep into the mod settings.
Besides, I’m not sure I have permission to do this.

for me, lowering them during the conversation makes no sense, it’s quite annoying to see a character change so much. Same thing I noticed for our characters, some time ago if it was too tall you almost couldn’t pass through the door xD

The only reason they are that tall is when you encounter them in combat they stand out. Its kind of like important characters in some MMORPGs, they aren’t canonically 7-9ft tall. But they’re enlarged in specialized sections of the game so they tower over their minions/subordinates for them to stand out and be easily identified.

Its just weird that named patrons in a bar have their heroic combat sizes. They could probably put an adjustment in so they appear normal sized there.

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