Heill Victims! (Players, I mean players...)

New Lordore

Heill victims! I mean, players!

Are you 18+? Read on.

This is a PvP, Heavy RP server. We are completely different to the usual you may have played on, and whilst we have mystical elements and races we try to stay immersive. It is not for the faint hearted, our unique flavour of danger & brutality and the exiled lands being a truly harsh and unforgiving place.

BUT there are strict rules and a whitelisting system in place to make it enjoyable.

It is hard, and if that’s not for you then I suggest checking out our ‘Alternative Trusted Servers’. If you are curious, read on.

This is a summary to our server and all of the cool and interesting things we have. If you’d like to read more, look through the tabs in the wiki to see what’s what! We are not a new server, but the server IS new to dice rolling and the heavier RP and so we ask you to please bare with some of our Heavy RP virgins and guide them along the way. Help us on our new venture, our community is worth it I promise.

What we have here in Lordore, is unique. The opportunities for RP are endless!

Kingdoms to conquer
Occupations you are paid for/can sell to

Roles you are paid for

A Prison with opportunity for trials and consequences

A bank and a great economy

Kingdom hubs with travel mages

A Mythical biome called Terratopia

End game quests, dungeons, and equipment to challenge you

A challenging XP rate with a cheeky boost here and there

Immersive Races with flaws and perks

Dice rolling

PvP initiation and great rules around raiding/PvP

Magic both RP and Physical

Up to level 60 with the chance to buy extras at auctions

Extra vitality given to players to balance the PvP


A chance of perma death - meaning characters can’t be invincible
An Aging system

We do have ERP items here due to the mods we have, but there are hard rules around this. We are NOT an ERP server.

In summary, we are challenging but also diverse in what we offer here and we really do think you should try it out. Some of us are new to dice rolling as I said and so if you are new too, don’t panic.


Wiki: https://youneedawiki.com/app/page/19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj?p=19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj