Heker the Henpecked spawn rate nerfed?

has anyone seen any T4 blacksmith since May 27, that wasn’t surge/purge spawned?

I can answer that, I captured a bladesmith at an accursed camp a week ago. The camp has a dice symbol for the thrall, around F6. So far the thrall has been anything from accursed berserker, named cook, named carpenter and the named blacksmith.

update: My husband just knocked him out again, Name: Vulfeles the accursed (bladesmith)
same southern island camp, just knocked out a tempersmith Vankel the accursed


thanks, good to know!

I was just about to start a thread asking for this information! My thanks :pray:

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He also went missing for us as well, poof.

Is it possible to get someone from Funcom to confirm if Heker is removed from the spawn table, or if his spawn rate was nerfed? Or is everyone just having really bad luck? :slight_smile:

I can confirm that i spent more than 5 hours looking for him. Never occurred.
Funcom, it’s very frustrating to spend so much time for nothing. Fix this nonsense rng.

I spent 4-7 hours a day for 6 days straight before I gave up… it was SUPER frustrating. it’s worth noting that not a single T4 spawned at that camp, that entire time.

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