Hello, I'm new player

Hello. I’m Dragomir Faeli aka Łukasz Fuszara. I’m new in game.


Welcome, Dragomir.

Welcome! I hope you have as much fun as I have in the Secret World. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community!

Hiya, maybe I can just piggyback on this thread.
I am a returning player. Played Secret World quite a bit, then the switch to Legends happened and I started from scratch but then burned out in Egypt.
Haven´t played for ages now and looking at my inventory, I am back to beeing a newbie myself.
If anyone has the heart and patience to give me a quick tour that would be great!

I am a Templar by the name Olivia “Nahunte” More, level 39 and I can´t even tell on which server because I forgot how to look that up…help!

its just one big server although there are multiple instances so you need to sometimes meet up on other players to be in the same one you can right click their name in chat and click the option to MU