?Help? Can we get a pre-Sorcery version of Conan for PS4 ver (2.8 or 2.9)?

the Bug:
Play Conan, screen will freeze while opening containers, or walking, or running, eventually screen will become unresponsive.

Reproducibility: very high.

Current versions of Conan crash every play session, some crashes go straight to black screen.

I realize online gameplay would be unavailable, but just a working version so that some of us could continue to enjoy this amazing game.

Does anyone know how to get a working pre-sorcery version of Conan for PS4? Is this possible? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.



to be fair to the OP

patch 3.0.3 did a cracker jack job of addressing the stuttering freezing when interacting with containers, I have no idea why their patch notes did not mention this. Some stability issues they said, that was awesome QoL, thank you.

Game still freeze locks. and I am completely avoid casting spells, but they sound amazing from what other people are saying.

Love you FUNCOM. I will try to figure out what is crashing my game, after 2 hours of game play and approx every hour after that… I’m trying guys, its just so damn random! My system doesn’t even heat up like my old Xbox One used to 2 years ago…


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