Help editing game.DB file

so ive been working on fixing 2 glitches on my server the 1st was the age always being at 0 and the 2nd was purge never spawning despite being at 150% for weeks

i found a way to get the age to display by adding the servertime record in game.db file this fixed my age for the most part and its now displaying as 42 age and now purges spawn

problem now is the purge bar remains white/silver never changes to purple and remains at 150% despite having 2 purges now and the issue i think involves these 2 records being added to the purgescore section of the game.db file here conan exiles game.DB - Album on Imgur no matter how many times i delete it, it comes back ive removed all characters out side of my clan(id 34) off the save any help trying to fix this would be appreciated

here is the file in question

I think we solved the mystery :slight_smile:


I’m curious as to what the underlying problem was and the resolution.

It was just a config issue on the server itself, so nothing related to the DB.

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