Help for Build Shotgun Tank :D

Im new player in SWL, i dont know i doing ok.
This is i got now

Main Shotgun and Sec. Hammer
Active Skill:
Basic: Scattershot
Power: Rocket Pod
Special: CQC (Stun)
Elite: Bombarment
Special: Blazing Fury & PainSupression

Restorative Reload
Riot Shield
No pain, No gain.

That is my Character lvl 30 for now.

I would like if I am on a good path, Thank you!

You should swap Blazing Fury for the shotgun Signature move, it’s a pretty much free 30% extra hp at all times, otherwise, fine.

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Shotgun Signature??? Sonic blast is that?

if i change that skill my weapon hammer dont work for passive.

Yeah, Sonic Blast and its passive, instead of Blazing Fury and Rock Hard.