HELP FUNCOM! All South American Servers are not working!


I love this game but is starting to get real bad. I just cant play in the official south american servers. We need more atention from you guys funcom! Please help your south american costumers.


@AndyB So, anyone can say what’s the status in the SA servers ? We really would love some info, not being able to play already sucks, but not knowing if the issue is being worked on, or an ETA sucks, FUNCOM seems like only provide support for USA and EU… SA and Oceania for example are kinda forgotten, even we having a good amount of players… (Don’t know how you guys treat asia).

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They already asked for the New hardware… But the datacenter is kinda slow here in south america… They were using HDD machines and are waiting for the SSD machines to run the game correctly

Hurray for up to date brazilian hardware in ours servers… :stuck_out_tongue:

1985 PVP was what I found most stable, from work to enter because it is very populous, but since yesterday the server has been lagging … being impossible to play

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