Help hellp,Physical effects are gone

Sorry, I don’t speak English,
I wonder if you can understand it.



I bought STEAM version of the game, I do not know because of the MOD installed more or what other reasons, clothes and hair of some physical effects are not, no matter there is wind or no wind, have been tightly attached to the body, looks uncomfortable, tortured me for several months, hoping to solve it (re-create archives are useless, must delete it all)

Hi Yuzhc,

I will try to write as clearly as possible so you can use a translating software if you need to.

Hair and clothes do not behave correctly. It is a known problem.

Funcom knows about it.

They are trying to fix it.

We do not know when it will happen.


非常非常谢谢你 我以为只有我自己是这样 看来我只要坐着等更新就好了 谢谢
Thank you very, very much. I thought I was the only one. So I just had to sit and wait for the update. Thank you.

谢谢 非常感谢 我这就去试试

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