Help I lost my taplet

I have lost the taplit that let’s you get feats points I have been every where can some one help .

No clue what you mean by a “taplit”. Could you maybe post a screenshot of what you’re talking about? :man_shrugging:

No I don’t I have had it one time and I cant remember if it was in the map room or not the game is acting funny a lot of dead area’s .

Some-a-body touch-a my taplet! :rofl:

The only things I can think of that “let you get feat points” are either the Fragments of Power looted from bosses in the Unnamed City (10 feat points per fragment), or drinking a respec potion which refunds all the feat point you’ve already spent.

If you’re missing the recipes for the respec potions, the Yellow Lotus potion is unlocked when you learn the Firebowl Cauldron recipe. The other two (Potion of Natural Learning, Potion of Bestial Memory) are learned by speaking to the non-hostile Werejackal west of The Den.

If it’s not any of these, then you’ll have to rephrase your question because we really can’t understand what you are asking. :frowning:

Suggestion: If English isn’t your native language, sometimes it helps to post the question in your native language and let others translate rather than trying the translation yourself.

Hope this helps…


Sorry Larathiel all that can remember is it take’s 3 Fragments of Power at the Firebowl Cauldron recipe . That’s all I got .

Must be something from a mod then, because I can’t think of any base recipe that requires more than 1 fragment of power to craft, and none that would be made at the alchemist’s bench regardless.

Is it possible this was from a mod, or maybe something new on the Testlive environment?

I’ll look around but I don’t think it was mod I didn’t add or remove any.

I fone it it’s called the tablet of knowledge and it’s in the map in the book case . Tode you it was there.

Hmm, looks like it is either newly added content, or something that can only be spawned-in using the admin panel. Perhaps it was released in one of the new DLCs.

BTW, it would be easier for others to understand and help if you used a spell-checker for your posts. Most of them are very difficult to read because of all the typos. :frowning: Anyway, congrats on finding it, I’d be interested to know what it actually does. :slight_smile:

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The tablet of knowledge is a way of getting more feats points . You need to go to the map room on the right side of the ghost in the book case where you can trade fragments of power for scrolls that are recipe’s to make tablet of knowledge. All you need is the advanced Firebowl Cauldron and 3 fragment of power you get one tablet and it gave’s 10 to15 feats points per tablet .


So it requires 3 fragments to make 1 tablet, but the tablet only gives 10-15 feat points? Sounds like it would be better just to use the fragments individually and get 30 feat points (10/fragment). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ohhh, but it’s a random scroll-exchange item? That’s neat to know!

It gives more than the fragments you used to build it, and with a T4 alchemist you need only 2 fragments for the construction.

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