Help in 2103, clan raiding after hours raid


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

On 2103 we have problems with a tribe “The high king” that is raiding after hours. There are already several times that everyone in the server loses everything because of that bug. We ask for help from the company.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.does not appear in the log
2.damage to the structure after hours


The “spartan esp” and “Demons viquins” clan is also attacking using that bug. We already have only one small house that is almost inaccessible but if they do not solve this we will stop playing. Please check your server log and ban the cheaters.


By us too.


No acuses sin pruebas porque a nosotros nos han hecho lo mismo para tu información, tengo pruebas


Yo te digo eso me destrozaron la base así también los del rey


Funcom has the server logs, there they can see everything.


yesterday we disconnected at 23:00 checking that everything was fine and today at 09:00 it was all destroyed and we had all been killed by people from the demons viquins


Post the screenshots, please.


Using that bug does not appear in the clan’s log, so I ask funcom to check the logs on the server and to ban all the people who use that bug


Uhm… Ok, if u dont ve any proofs about that we should w8 for Funco

Btw How do u know who wiped ur base last nigth?


As I said before, two of our people showed up who killed them and they were from that clan. Stop creating accounts, that of funcom check logs and ban those responsible for trapping attacks to the entire server.


Ur mates should take screenshot of the killers and send Funco as proofs.


Do not worry, there is an incidence in support. They will see the logs and they will ban the cheaters




They are attacking us right now with infinite stamina clan “The Hig Kingz” , it seems incredible to me that funcom does not do anything against the cheaters. The game is dead.


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