Help, invite gone wrong

So I was walking around and it was a little laggy then ended up accepting an invite to a clan now I can’t leave without loosing everything I have done even though it may not be much what do I do?

Yes, great question. I want someone to explore all things clan mechanics. There are so many scenarios and no real answers. More information needed!


In my experience, the clan option in Conan Exile is very limited in terms of options and features.
There are no customisable options for clans, which is disappointing.

As to your specific issue, “I joined a clan accidentally, and want to leave, but keep my stuff.”
I would suggest you do the following-
Break down/pick up everything that is yours.
Make several chests, or a vault, dont place them yet.

Once you have all things you want on your character inventory, leave the clan.
After leaving clan,
Place chests or Vaults, deposit your stuff.
Now you start rebuilding your empire.

I hope that helps

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