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Gentlemen, I note that a change could be made with more balance in relation to servers, mainly in categories and regions. There is simply no PVE server - Conflict of Latin America, in Exile, PS4. It’s complicated to play on American Servers, mainly due to the Lag and infinite loading screen. I await a solution. And with that I hope that character transfers return, and that in a next update, I can join the maps of Exile and Siptah Island in a single server, and that through the boats, it will be the boarding points from one map to the other, that they can go back and forth from one map to another without losing things. And I hope that ■■■■■■ can be clearer about the rules about constructions, they could limit the number of blocks, thus reducing the lag and the possibility of banning.

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Hello my Exiles friend. Doesn’t seem to be any transfer between server’s happening any time soon to many bug. As for pve-c we have gone to Siptah because Exiles server is to unstable.

I have played with people from Brazil and Greece on American server’s on Siptah I believe the issue is pve-c Exiles server’s that causes the problem @ErickZaccaro

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