Help me choosing server please

Hey, i am a noob in this game. I played with two friends in one server, but we were crushed by a 6-man clan.

We changed server, and we were crushed again by one pro player and two extra friends, i didnt even reach lvl 60 in any server.

So, we are looking for a relaxed realm. I mean, we know pvp server rules, but we want to at least have a chance to get lvl 60 and cool stuff.

We are looking for an european server with no mega ultra serial killer pro players jerjerjser im raiding everyone jerjerjer we are 1337 clan we rule the server jerjerjerjer my life doesnt exist jerjerjerjer.

A chill server with some or very little pvp, and low population if possible.

I am about to drop the game and i didnt even got lvl 60, and i like this game :frowning: halp.

Ah, i forgot, just official servers plz, not private or custom :frowning:

Official servers are the worse place to play.
Do not think that the word “Official” give any guarantee or some advantages.
It’s exatcly the opposite.
Cheaters and killers populate many of the official server simply because they are not moderated and there is no control of any type.
Find a good private server. There are many out there. Need only a bit more time to search and some tries.
If you want no powergamers, cheaters and mega-killers then do not go on official servers.

There is actually a really good private servers out there, the one im currently playing on is a private server with PVP on weekends. Only building damage on weekends so you have all week to build up and the rates are only 3x and server is paid up 6 months

If the server says Official, don’t touch it. They are not moderated in any way and are cheaters heaven. As others said find a private server

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