Help me ! some player used bugg for destroy my base in pve-c [ OFFICIAL SERVER]

I did contact you for some bug in the game pve-c where player (unknows) can destroy my bases. My bases have this attack and lost my all items. But log in register dont views many information. Note: I am player alone and same player destroy more then 1 base mine.
I am inclued pictures for you see the problem. Please help for location the bug man and banned this player.


  • server: official server PVE- conflict # 1977
  • The atack went this week.
  • lost 90% my lengendary arms and stash thrall.

The man used npc thrall for destroy sandstone and invaided my bases.

i puted video in youtube : Bug in PVE -C - CONAN EXILES [OFFICIAL SERVER] - 05-2020

same 1213

Could it be that they have a building close by and their purge spawned and/or attacked your base? If you build too close to other players that can happen.

In register my base had attack for 1 npc thrall the same name in 3 bases different.


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